How long....

.....does your af have to be awol before you should go to the doctor?
I am now 5 days late and no sign. I am NOT pregnant but think my cycles are messed up after my D&C.
So anyone know when I should ring my GP?

Thanks xxx


  • Hey hun....I am not really sure but didnt want to R&R, I think if you are worried then definitely make an appointment bab just to put your mind at rest. {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}} xxxx
  • hiya, i would ring and book an app, even if they just give u some reasurrance or an expanation or somehting?
  • i think as you have had surgery i would give the gp a ring, mine made me wait 3 months before seeing me image i have changed docs since then!
  • Thanks ladies. I have NEVER wanted af to appear so much before :lol:

    Got my opks in the post today so all ready for next month xxx
  • wooooo! yay opks! hope they work for u! let us no if u book a gp or how u get on xxxxx
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