positive on ov test yay!!!!!!!!!

sorry i have to share my excitement with someone as hubby not home from work yet.....

woke up and had ewcm but didn't want to get hopes up in case it was left over swimmers (sorry tmi) then at work i felt very wet and i went to check and i had so much ewcm i wanted to shout with joy. so i did an ov test at lunchtime and it was negative. i was gutted, having been filled with pma all morning.

but am bored waiting for my dinner to cook and hubby to get home and i realised i hadn't had anything to drink for a couple of hours (very unlike me) so decided to poas and got positive straight away. i was worried that i was going to waste yet more money (they aren't the cheapy tests) but am relieved now!

yay!!!! sorry, just didn't think my body would be so kind to me!!! please let me get a wedding anniversary (healthy) bfp in 14 days!

babydust and pma to all!



  • (ps it just goes to show that things can change in the space of a few hours - negative at 12.30, positive at 6pm - thought i would share that in case any of you have anything similar)
  • yay - congrats Mrs_e! Great that your body has recovered from the mc so quickly.
  • well we all know what your gonna be up to tonight and the next few too
    :lol: happy bding

  • Hooray and enjoy! It's no bloody wonder mine are aways -ve if they change that quickly, maybe I do O after all (hopefully). Hope you get your BFP hun xxx
  • oohhhh I think I may know what's for pudding!
  • Go mrs e!!!! Everything crossed for u hunny xxxxxx
  • Hooray, that has cheered me up!

    Gives me some hope as I have been testing with ov sticks for 15 days and still no +!!! Started off with CBD and then went on to very cheap internet ones as it was so expensive.

    I had lots of ewcm the other day but got a negative on the test so didn't bother bd'ing image. Wish I had now or at least tested again in the evening. Am very new to the CM checking so didn't really know what I was looking for but have read up on it since and def think that was it.

    Oh well, on to another month then I should think! At least that might be an indication I am ov'ing even if I've missed it this month.
  • Yay mrs_e! I know what YOU'RE going to be doing tonight, ahem. Come on egg & spermies! xx
  • woohoo!! Enjoy your evening!!
  • wwwooooohhhhhhooooo Honey so chuffed 4 u!!! Go jump ur man!!!
  • hehe thanks for your replies everyone. lots of pma and babydust to all xxx
  • Mrs_e, sorry to interrupt but I have a question. Do you know how long a positive result will last? So what I mean is, had you not have tested this evening, would it have been possible to have missed your pos result if you had tested again tom lunchtime? I'm new to ov sticks!



  • hi lisamarie - hmmm good question, not sure. i've only ever had a + on one before and it was the last one in the house so i didn't test again after that. i have read that the LH surge might not last very long. having said that they do say to test at the same time each day so you *shouldn't* miss it.
    the reason i tested again today was because of ewcm. i had so much, and to get negative on test just worried me as to why i had so much ewcm if it wasn't ov. if i had lots of cheapy tests i would probably test twice a day but these aren't so i wouldn't have tested twice today if it hadn't have been for the ewcm.
    what time of day are you testing? make sure you don't drink too much beforehand - although i'm sure i hadn't had a drink for an hour and a half at lunchtime.

    good luck hun!!! xxx
  • Thanks for that Mrs_e, I'm testing first thing in the morning. I'm normally quite aware when I ov as I get pains and ewcm, but just want to be 100% sure this month hence the ov sticks. I'm also following that sperm meets egg plan too, so bd'ing every other day from cd8 and then three days in a row at ov.

    Oh it's all so complicated! I really can't believe that one little accident 14 months ago produced my lo! I feel like I'm conducting a science experiment!

    It's nice to know that you have def released an egg this month isn't it? Hope oh is coping with all the bd!!!
  • Oh mrs_e thats great news!!! Yay!! Get bd girl!! xxx
  • grrr hubby has gone out tonight - i hope he hasn't had a lot to drink as i want to bd when he gets home!!!! still have ewcm so am assuming i should still bd??? xxx
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