how long has evryone been ttc

Hi because im new and dont know anyone yet i was just wondering how long you have all been ttc and whether you have any other children? Im on month 4 now and ttc my 3rd xx


  • Hi Sammie,

    This is our 8th month & we have no children...

    Hoping this month is the month as always image

    Nice to meet you

  • we've been ttc for two months, but having UPSI for a year and a half, i honestly didnt chart or anything then as i thought it would just happen.

    x x x
  • came off the pill late Nov and ttc our first

    J x
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  • hi ive been ttc for a week now this will be my 2nd hoping for a nov baby x
  • We've been 'properly' trying for 5 mths, but having upsi (I like that word HomeFairy lol) for about 6 yrs!
    This would be our first. xx
  • It's month 9 for us (although we have had 3 months 'off' in the middle). TTC our first and never ever thought it would be so difficult....exhausting.... emotionally draining!!! I always thought it would be like they teach you in school.... one BD and its wham bam thank you mam!!!! We should be so luckyimage

    In the nicest possible way, hope you're not here too long!! xx
  • aw KK115 i think we've all been 'lied to' by our sex ed teachers!!!

    EmaC- Have you been broody for the 6 years? Hubby wasnt broody and sort of said if it happens it happens, but i got so sick of waiting i NEEDED a ttc start date and thats when i came on here!! It drove me crazy!!!

    x x x
  • Hi sammie,

    I had my IUD out mid October and we've been trying since then, this is my 3rd 2ww and I'm much more complacent than I was last month! This will be our first.
    KK115, I totally agree with you! I thought it would only take one time and we'd be pregnant! They lied to us at school! x
  • I've always been broody HomeFairy. My mum was a foster career so we always had babies around, it's prob made it worse lol. My hubby was pretty much like your's and like everyone else thought it'd happen instantly. But now he's starting to worry abit, although he think's I jinx things as i over think the whole situation. x
  • Hi Sammie, we are TTC number 1 and have been TTC since September 2009. Fingers crossed it's my month xx
  • Hi Sammie!
    We're ttc our first. Been trying since Nov last year, but only on my 2nd cycle cos of the stooooopid Pill messing me up a little bit x x
  • Its hard at times isnt it. When we were ttc our dd it took us 5 months but i swear it felt like years, i was so desperate at times. But i can say now that because it took us a few cycles to concieve, and at one stage i honestly thought it would never happen, when i did eventually get pg i loved every second of it. I think all the waiting made the whole bfp, pg and birth feel so much more special. Im not saying that it didnt feel special first time round but i think because it happened so fast i kind of took the whole ttc and pregnancy thing for granted a bit then wished i hadnt been so moany when i gave birth to my beautiful little boy xx
  • I'm on month 5 today and full of PMA after a miserable and painful start to AF!!

    Babydust!! xxx
  • been NTNP since may last year also thought it would just happen, hubby wanted to leave it at that but we are using cbfm from next cycle.
  • Hi sammie we're on month 1ttc and suppose I niavely thought it will just happen when I come off pill but Reading everyones notes here I feel bit daft and this really is going take patience and strength. But it will all be spool worth it. How do do many people fall pregnant after missing one pill??? Babydust to us all xxx
  • Hiya, we are on month 6 and im 1/2 dpo ( got smiley fri, but no smiley yday). Im a teacher and do sex ed and im soooo tempted to tell them its not as easy as they say haha
  • I've now been trying for 2 years! A few cycles have been missed as I'm using a donor and artificial insemination. Age is not on my side as I am 41. I have a dd who is 5 and was concieved the ONLY time I have had unprotected sex so it does happen!
  • We're in our second month ttc, although last month I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate....

    We have one son already who's 8 months old.

    HELEN....I've missed you!!!! x
  • we have been trying from june09 getting a little fed up now but hopping this month will be it.x
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