Do I have the date right?

Hi girls

The first day of my last period was Sat 3rd May and I think i OV on the 16th may. What date should I be able to test? I had it done as this friday the 30th???

k xx


  • Hi hun, you have it right. As you are trying for a 28 day cycle. 30th will be 28th day. xx
  • Thanks babe i thought it was but was not 100% sure.

    How are you today?

  • Felt nauseas at work this morning, but that could have been a fluke. If it comes back tomorrow, I might hold out more hope!

    Just building PMA everyday af isn't here, hoping she doesn't rear her ugly head at all! xx
  • stay away evil witch.......
    There I have told her as well hee hee just take it easy love and one day at a time and you never know you might just get that BFPimage

    K xx
  • Good luck to you both for af staying away.
    K - its nice to put a pic to the name - good photo.
  • Likewise K, nice to see a pic. I've been trying to add a picture for ages and everytime i do it doesn't work!!! xx
  • Thanks sevans. xx
  • Thanks girls :0) thought you all better see the werido you talk to all the time.

    Thanks Sevans
  • Hi K Lou you are exactly a week ahead of me and I was thinking about testing Friday 6th if AF hasnt arrived although I have just come off the pill so she will probably be playing games with me and ill get a BFN.
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