Montymini is ......

....having a mini monty :lol:

POAS at 5.30am this morning because my bladder woke me up. I'd hidden 2 tests in the bathroom last night so did the superdrug one first. It had a faint but definate line so I thought that i'd do the CB digital one just to be sure. Yep that says 1-2 weeks pregnant too image


I've left them both on the side in the bathroom and am waiting for DH to wake up and notice them.

I'm just really nervous now about telling my friend. We're going on holiday soon and I had to tell her that I could be pregnant earlier on this week. She was really mean about it saying that she hoped that I wasn't cause it would spoil our holiday. She also said to me this week that flying was bad during pregnancy and that all she kept thinking about was reasons why it would be inconvenient for me to be pregnant this month :cry:
I'm sure that she'll be happy for me eventually but it really got me down this week. It wasn't really planned to interfere with the holiday, my DH just decided that our anniversary night was a good time to start TTC.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received


  • Woohooo congratulations pet!!!!!

    And just to put your mind at ease, I'm fairly certain that flying is only problematic in the 3rd trimester so don't worry about that! Just be careful what you eat and drink, make sure you don't get ice in your drinks etc.

  • Thanks Mrs R, I was pretty sure that flying was fine but looked it up just in case. Hadn't thought about ice in drinks although we're going to America so don't know if it's as much of a problem. Probabbly will give it a miss anyway as I have a habit of crunching them!
  • well done you!
    Ignore you're friend she'll come round! I would say you will be fine and looked after in America! I was worried you were going somewhere a little less 'western-ised' like Egypt or Morocco which could pose a worry.
    Enjoy your trip and a H&H 9months!
  • congratulations! Flying will be fine, just make sure that you get up and walk about on the plane frequently. Maybe ring one of the pregnancy helplines for advice if you feel you need it. As for your friend, she's being very selfish saying that, maybe she's feeling a little jealous perhaps? anyways don't let it worry you, you have to let us know hubbys reaction when he finds out xx
  • congratulations on your Bfp!!let us know what hubby's response is when he sees it!! i was pregnant with my son who is now ten when i went to new york, and he was fine, it was just the smell of fries, i could smell everywhere as my sense of smell was all over the place! have a great holiday, your friend mite loosen up when she hears the great news, if not dont let her spoil your great news and have fun, xxx
  • Congratulations hun, like the other girls said, dont let your friend spoil this for you xx
  • ooooo congratulations!!!! xxx
  • Congrats! That's great news and don't let your friend spoil it for you. Am sure you are incredibly happy and if she is your friend she will be too.
    Enjoy your holiday. Not drinking doesn't mean no fun. I am teetotal and still have great parties!
  • Congratulations, wishing you a H&H 9 months. x
  • Congratulations!! Wonderful new!

    I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • Congratulations montymini!!!! Just wanted to say tat I agree with all the other girls too - your friend is probably a bit jealous as anyone else would be excited for you rather than say things like hat. Flying is also fine - I have done lots of research and also used to be a flight attendant so I know it's fine, but as doughball said make sure you keep walking around and do leg exercises (ideally every hour) as the risk of DVT is slightly higher - they also recommend you wear those stocking things if you're pregnant so I would do that. Otherwise it's perfectly fine!! Also like Shuck, I'm a teetotal-er and it really doesn't mean you don't have fun, you'll still have a great time without drinking : )

    Congrats again!!.x
  • Thanks to all you lovely ladies. I'm off to get some flight socks!
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