hi ladies. . Well got my dates wrong and due on Fri i think. .lol. Do you count from the day of the pink
type discharge or day of blood? . . I had period type pains all weekend and now nothing but back ache bad.
Also very dizzy. And last night i felt something wanting to come out lol tmi and it was clear
string stuff never seen that and just dropped out me? Also past three mornings been waking at like 330! What's
that about lol x o


  • i count from blood ( for me i go full on straight away) im due on on friday too, wish us both good luck x
  • hiya, i think you thought you wrere baout aame stage as me. my af due today but nothing, also BFN so hmm, dont know what to think. i also have had cramp yesterday like i was going to get af and now i am achy all over!

    we are sdymptom spotting like mad lol.

    i really hope this is it for you (and me lol).

    i have also felt today like i have started af (liek wet feeling) go to toilet thinking the worst and it just cm-ish clear, not blood, so i still have my hopes slightly up xx

    oh, meant to say, i asked the same question about if you coulnt from pink or red blood, and i was told by someone on here that is is from first day of full flow, as in red xx

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  • good luck girls. . I feel bit sick and really dizzy. . No sore boob Though which i normally get. . Also head ache too. Driving me mad lol husband said am obsessed with website well at least he ain't getting the ear ache ha ha x bfp please for all x x
  • Hi booey image
    I too am due on friday, quite a few of us on here... could be a good luck post and a string of BFP image
    I am suffering from extreme dizziness, it comes when im standing or sitting and is very bad, i feel like im really drunk or am sat constantly spinning on the waltzers image
    Then the dizziness makes me feel sick and am just feeling pretty darn rough tbh.

    Im hoping its a good thing though lol.
    I feel like my boobs look bigger but OH says he cant really see a difference (TUT MEN HEY!!) lol.
    They seem a little sore but nothing to make me suspicious atm.
    I have had a few crampy feelings today, but all in my lower back.
    My cycles have been a little crazy since about november and not coming on my usual 28 day cycle.
    They now range from CD24 -30
    But usually arrive day 26-29 so these next few days will tell an awful lot for me, am really hoping i have done it this month!!
    Cant bare another month of disappointment image


    X emma X
  • well no sign of period but do have back ache and some pain in right ovary?
    I hope the dam Witch don't come! But gotta feeling she Will get me again.o? Oh again woke up at 330 for a wee lol. . I thought o Will check clock for a laugh cos can't be that time again lol it was. . Oh ground hog day?! . .
    Well off to work now to wonder what day she Will make her appearance x x
  • o booey im so confused lol. cant imagine how ur feeling lol. bless ya, i hope this is just one big build up to ur bfp! coz i have no clue what ur body is doing this month bless ya lol xxxxx
  • I 2nd that motion from the lovely mrs*me* here's hoping it is the build up to your BFP xxxx
  • Oh no booey, what's going on? You poor thing! Let's hope the naughty AF doean't make an appearance x
  • Hi Ladies,

    G/C from Planning a Baby!

    I have a DS who was born in June 09, when I fell pregnant with him, you are describing the exact same things as I felt, the feeling as though you're about to come on, the 'wet' feeling then dreading the worst but it was nothing more than discharge, I used 2 wake up at a certain time each morning also, i did have extremely sore boobs though!

    But it all sounds good 2 me - here's to hoping you get a BFP!!

    Hayley xx
  • hi all!...
    just reading ur messgaes...waking up early is horrible!>..330am is waaaayy to early!...never had that before,....when i was preggers when i was 21 (had misscarriage at 3 months) i got dizzy every day at a certain time....for the last 30 mins really dizzy n thought might be sick??? starting to convince myself i might be!!...but also looked and could have high blood pressure or low sugar lever from dizzyiness when i googled it lol.....
    no period pains,,,just odd movements...but for me its the dizzyness thats questioning things for me?...
    bad back ache however!....
    i dont no if im due we thurs of fri? funny period last month ( see other threads)..what we think ladies?? xx
    hope we get at very least 1 BFP from this thread!!!! BFP for allxxx
  • test test test! surely if u have enough hcg to be giving u symptoms u have enough hcg to show up in a test? does sound strange, sorry didnt know about ur mc. how old r u now? xxxx

  • ooooo huni I hoping its a sign of BFp on its way to you...nothing worse than the waiting game xxxx
  • im 30 now...did test yesterday neg! booo!....
    could be to early...knowing my luck. af will come image xx
  • oh no I think witch is coming twinge like period pain coming! Oh well x
  • Ok travelling home very nausea and dizzy and now have
    sore boobs now. . Only just came on. . No blood as of yet.
    Due on any day now. . Waiting game. Not testing till sat now as got bfn yesterday. . Had more symptoms today then yesterday. . Pretty crap They so similar to period symptoms lol x X

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  • i no chick i really hope so x got my fingers crossed for you too x been keeping myself updated on yours too x x
  • Sounds promising ladies!
    Booey i have the exact same symptoms as you, am due any day between tomorrow and sat, no AF pains as of yet, so happy about that image
    Am going to hold off testing till saturday/sunday if the witch hasnt made an appearance!

    Good luck ladies image xx
  • well i do have some period pain so it could be out for me. But its not over till its over hey! Lol. . Pains ain't bad so that's good. . I think should no more tomorrow ladies hey! X X keep us posted
  • i have them at front boo but again mine are mild also. . Hope they go away x X. *****Baby dust*****x X
  • oh that's so good to no. . Did you get pains like you normally did then? . . I really hope we did it. . We really want a baby to complete our little unit x we x we would be wonderful parents x but if not this month always hope for next.
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