MJ1986 & Others with painful OV

OK HELLO hun xxxx

quick question..... Did OV hurt the month of your BFP??????

Last month i had not much pain and NO BFP..... This Month i have started getting pains thisevening and was just wondering image image image and HOPING :lol: :lol:


MJ hows being pregnant????? xxxx :\) :lol: image :\) image xxxx

gems xx


  • Hate to say it sweetpea, I have bad OV pain, and for the past 2 months I have been trying its been a BFN.

    But thats not to say it couldn't be for you - everyone is soo different!

    Babydust in bucket loads!

    P.s thank you for adding me on the christmas pud list xxx image
  • No probs image

    I usually have bad pains followed by bfn's this month there early image although no EWCM
    still have PMA And keeping my fingers crossed xx
  • I love your happy PMA! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! xxx
  • I had ov sickness for 3 days when got bfp and never get anything normally. i sadly had ectopic but i think that the sickness was a sign something was going one as never normally have it x x
  • Hey, i got my bfp this month and i had ov pains but had a tiny tiny tiiiiny amount of ewcm much less than usual and stil got a bfp so this cud defo be ur month! x
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