am i going mad!!


Ijust joined last night so bear with my abbrev's! Been ttc following mc in feb at 12+5. Each month i feel that i convince myself of all symptoms and then get so low when af arrives. it becomes like an obsession - and secretly pee on many sticks!!!

Am i going mad??

ps. I am on cd 23 & boobs sore or maybe cos i keep prodding them!!!:lol:


  • Hi maisiepops, don't worry you are not alone!!lol Firsty welcome to the site and sorry to hear abour your mc. Everyone on here is so supportive and we are all secret poas addicts (pee on a stick) either secretly or open about it!!lol. You sound like you'll fit right in. Good luck ttc and hope you get a sticky bfp really soon.
  • Hi and WELCOME

    Just to answer your question.. maybe you are, maybe you not But all i know is that you have found the Right place and the Right People :lol:
    Just as Slow has said, there's truly no better place to be.

    Again, a warm welcome.

    ps: im also on cd24 and boobs are sore but Thanks to you, i've just realised that its only when im prodding them :lol: :lol:
  • Welcome - if you are mad then so are most of us on this forum too!!!
    I am a total poas addict. I had mc a week and a half ago and have done a hpk (pregnancy test) every day since. Once they are neg I will no doubt move onto opk's instead (ovulation tests)!!
  • Hello and welcome, think we're all mad!!!LOL. You'll get lots of support on here(and far too much advice to POAS!!). Good luck!!!xxx
  • Hi and welcome! Cant really add much to what has already been said, its all true, we are all obsessed and poas addicts. you will feel right at home here! x

  • Oh thanks all of you - I don't feel so bad - I am now not the only one in the nut house!!
    AF due mon but will symptom spot til then! Still prodding boobs - guy at traffic lights eyes nearly popped out!!
  • good luck testing monday! (bet you dont hold out till then! :lol: ) x

  • Hi babybump4

    I can categoriacally guarantee i will not last til Monday! Will last to sat if very very good!!! I need to go to PTA - Pregnancy Test Anonymous - Hello I am May - I am a testaholic!! Good job we can laugh at ourselves!
  • Hi maisiepops, im sorry to here about your mc hun. This ttc lark certainly isnt as easy as it seems, is it? Its very addictive, it just seems to take over your life. I think it sends us all a little bit mad! lol. We certainly are poas addicts on here so you will fit in perfectly. hope you get your bfp soon and you too babybump4. xxxx
  • I am also a poas-aholic. Its shameful. I have to hide all the packaging from my OH who has banned any more tests until next month.

    I stuff the boxes in my wash bag and smuggle them to the bin when he's out. Just like an alcoholic with their empties!

    And I buy from different shops all the time so the staff don't notice the crazy bulk buys.

    Oh god, writing it down actually makes me sound crazy. When I'm doing it, it all seems perfectly sane.... x
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