Anyone else on the 1ww??

I am now 7 DPO, due to test around the 17 November!!

Not really done much bding this month as we moved the day before ovulation!!! ARGH!!! but we did bd on the right day, but only once!! But PMA it was the right time, on the right day...


Haven't found the first week too bad because we have been settling into the new house, but it is on my mind now, I'm looking at the calendar's again!!!

Anyone with me in the dreaded 1ww?



  • My fertilityfriend chart keeps changing it's mind everytime i put my temp in. :\? Today it's telling me i am 5DPO but it jumps from that to 7DPO so who knows! I think 5DPO is more like it due to my ov pains. We managed to BD about 3 times around the right few days including ov day itself although it only takes one fiesty soldier so fingers crossed for us both!

    My last LP was only 11 days but i want to wait until 14DPO before testing (yeah right!) which would be the 19th November. PMA is quite high this cycle at the moment, lets hope it stays that way! image

    How you settling into your new home?

  • Am 8dpo and already tested once*oops* obviously BFN
    Need help to stop myself from wasting anymore sticks ,,,
    The fact that I am convinced that I am pg doesn't help either,,,

    Good luck to you girls
  • Hi I'm due af on 16/11, I'm going to try and leave it until af has been a couple of days late before I test. Maybe even a week late?!
    I am ss all the time, keep prodding my bb's and checking my cm. I'm a nightmare.
    Hope we all get our bfps!
    I've been having weird dreams, last night I dreamt I gave birth to 20 babies! WTF? Very strange!
    Good luck everyone!
  • Hi Nicola - I'll be testing on the 18th - which I think is 14DPO
    SS - I have sore (.)(.) which isn't normal.
    But I have just done a 12 hour flight to Philippines where I'm working this week (14 hour flight back on Sunday yay) - and I'm a bit concerned it might mess me up. It's 8.20pm here now - 12 20 back in UK - and my body has no idea what time it is. Have to actually work tommorrow too rather than hide in hotel room with aircon and roomservice lol!

    Anyway - good luck to everyone - keep me updated (I'm lonly over here!!)
  • Hi ladies only DPO 4 for me and only BD'd twice in the fertile days but one of them was the day before OV which is how I got my BFP last time which sadly ended in miscarriage!

    Trying not to SS but its hard even at this early stage but I did have sore BB last time by DPO 4 but nothing this time - AF due on 20th and defo not testing before then!

    Mind if I join you in the wait - its always easier in a crowd!
  • hi ladies, can i join in too, have a 27 day cycle think i am cd23 so i think 8dpo? am keeping fingers crossed but its mazing how nervous and how quick the pma goes out of the window!!
    good luck to all xxx
  • Meee meee!! Hello NicolaH! *waves*

    I'm's going slow, sometimes I think my boobs hurt, lastnight I was convinced they hurt! :lol:

  • Testing dates!!!!!
    Mrs P - 15th
    Meem - 16th
    Shuck - 16th
    NicolaH - 17th
    ChocTB - 18th
    Nikkinoos - 19th
    JLS1976 - 20th

    Lets make this a lucky thread ladies and get some of us those BFP!!!!!! Im last but will be keeping a close eye on you all XXXX
  • Ahh jls1976 thats so sweet, omg i'm first! no early testing girls!! yes this is a lucky BFP thread xxx
  • Hi Ladies...can I join in here?
    AF is due on Sat 14 November, really counting down the days to go. Not sure how the hell I am going to get thru the next few days.

    Good luck to you all - we all need BFP this month!!
  • I'm the 16th too- which yes is a bit early but only a day or two. I could pretend that I am going to wait until af due or late but that would be a fib! :lol:

  • Charlie you make me laugh as if any of us are going to stick to our dates! I say it every month and every month I test early! XX There are 9 of us now so we good run rate on the BPF - and sometimes just between us girls i poke my boobs to make them hurt so I can have a symptom - now that is officially sad! XXXXX
  • Well ladies, do you know what is sad. I had to go to the Doctors this morning to see the nurse for my son, and I told her that we are trying to get pregnant and that AF is due on Sat, she still wanted me to do a pregnancy test. She should know better than anyone else its too early. So I did one, and surprise surprise it was negative - I have made a deal with myself, I willl wait till Monday to test!!

    Do any of you use the ovulation kits? This is our second month of trying, but if nothing has happened this month, then I think I will look into trying them out!!
  • oh, yes this will be a lucky thread!
    I am SSing like crazy already and don't think I can wait until Monday to test, might try on Friday...bad me, I know but am constantly knackered, bloated tummy and lots of wind, lots of cm(sorry tmi), sense of smell is really strong and am on the loo every hour(would go more often if I could but can't get out of class)

    this is sad because I am probably imagining half of those symptoms...

    Please stop me from testing before Friday!!!!

  • Wow, all of a sudden there are loads of people on this thread. Hopefully between us we should get a fair few BFP's!

    Bronz, i have used the cheapy ovulation sticks from amazon/ebay/access diagnostics (which have a 10% discount code until about the 13th November i think it is) but have never got a positive on them (maybe im just missing the right time). I have however ovulated as fertility friend has confirmed that and i also got ov pains and EWCM etc. There are a lot of plus and minus points to ov sticks so definately a personal choice.

  • Hi ladies, I'm 8dpo today. The last couple of days my nipples have felt a bit sore at times and just different. I'm very tired too and yesterday my legs were going wobbly and I was hot-however today I've been cold, so its probably all in my head!!
    Af is due 17that the latest so I'm hoping to hold out til then or the 19th as I'm working the 18th and start at 7am so not goood for testing.
    Good luck everyone!
  • Morning ladies
    WOW this is getting busy - the more the merrier I say - I love to see those BFP!!!!

    Im jealous of all the symtoms though, I have nothing but only DPO5 today so not losing PMA just yet!

    I use the CBFM as I found the ovulation sticks to be a little unreliable, and expensive - I know the CBFM is expensive but its worth it, it takes all the guess work out of ov.

    I thinik Bronz you are the first tester on Saturday so lets get those BFP rolling in from Saturday onwards, if you look at the chances there must be at least 4 BPF from this thread so lets stick together and take the testing one day at a time X although Im last so please no deserting me when you all get your BFP!

    and no early testing we are strong women we can do it (she says whilst thinking that Sainsburys have an offer on all HPTs!!!!)

  • Sorry forgot to put the updated testing list - hope Ive got everyone

    Bronz - 14th (3 days to go!)
    Mrs P - 15th (4 days to go!)
    Littlewolf, Shuck, Charlie, Meem - 16th (5 days to go!)
    Nicola H - 17th (6 days to go!)
    ChocTB - 18th (7 days to go)
    Nikkinoos, Hjanea - 19th (8 days to go!)
    JLS - 20th (9 days to go!)

    Hope thats everyone and Good luck XXXX

  • We certainly are on countdown now, how exciting! I'm oozing with PMA at the moment, lets hope it's all worth it in 8days time for me! Fingers crossed for the rest of you ladies. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.x
  • We certainly are on countdown now, how exciting! I'm oozing with PMA at the moment, lets hope it's all worth it in 8days time for me! Fingers crossed for the rest of you ladies. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.x
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