Having second thoughts about TTC


Im not sure if im pregnant, as been getting faint lines and im now 18DPO. Im in a dilemma as im going for a job interview with the NHS this week. Money wise and for maternity leave reasons its better i stay put where i am, Im personally not happy there, money isnt good and hubby is in the process of losing his job as his company is not getting any work.

If im not pg then its for the best and would put TTC on hold for a while thats on the basis that i get this job.
Other reason why im worried too is that if i got the job, alot of vaccinations would need doing, according to the health questionnaire i have filled in and if i have a BFP i dont feel that is safe having them all injected into my bloodstream. I know these vaccinations are mandatory so i know i have no choice. This does make it difficult if i have to keep the potential pregnancy to myself due to the nature of the job, ie lifting, infections and these vaccinations.

I have been browsing about SMP, general maternity leave and about having vaccinations whilst pregnant. I am worried about maternity leave and what id be entitled to, but i just cant work out what id get, its all so complicated. As for vaccinations, they say most are safe but im not convinced.

In an ideal world as much as i would like a bfp, i hope im not at the moment and if i get the job i would like to work at least 6 months before i get a bfp which gives me abit of time to fit in vaccinations too.

Am stuck what to do image Can anyone give me clearer info on maternity leave rights or any other information that can help.




  • hmmm sorry hun not sure but didnt want to read & run xx
    I think if you did get the job then you would be doing the right thing in waiting for a bit even if its for 4 months or however long the probationery period is, especially if dh is gonna be out of work for a bit.
    You never know if you do decide not to ttc for a while then you might actually get your bfp! Unless you were going back on the pill??
    Well whatever you decide hun us girls are here for you and please dont stop coming on here if you do decide to stop for a while xxxxxx
  • hiya, hope ur ok mpp. good luck with the job, i changed jobs nov last yr, and i had to work out the maturnity too, ok so i will try explain it......

    at my work, i have to be at my new job6 months, by my 12th week of preg to cover for maturnity pay, its usually the same everywhere. (smp stautary maturnity pay) so basically u have to be in ur job 13 weeks b4 u get preggers. then if u get preggers after that, u will get the smp,

    smp pays u ur full pay the first 6 weeks of ur maturnity leave, and then the other 20 weeks u get paid approx ??105 a week. i think you get taxed on that tho.

    if u get preggers b4 the 13 week mark and dont qualify for the smp you will get paid maturnity allowance, which is the same amount of money, i think its just the government pay it instead of ur company and u have to sort out getting it urself rather than ur company sorting it, so even if u get preggers now, u would be ok. i hope that all makes sense?

  • Hey pet, if you're worried about the hep B vaccinations for working in the NHS, don't be! I asked my occ health nurse as we were TTC when I had to go for my booster and she went and checked it over and said it was fine. Good luck with the interview! xx
  • Oh thanks all, i really do appreciate your help as the whole maternity leave thing is complicated. I felt better once i typed it all down, i was getting quite upset. The interview date has been settled so i knew i had to ask for opinions on my situation.

    Thanks *me* that does clear it up alot for me, its never been straight forward for me, i see so many different number of weeks, i havent a clue which it is.
    A friend of mine who i used to work with has now moved over to work full time at the hospital, shes started doing bank shifts then decided to move over, I asked her about maternity leave and she said we have to be there 12 months before we get any, whether thats true i dont know, but is that SMP?
    If maternity allowance is the same as SMP thats ok,thats not so bad, ive just got these visions of really struggling with money once having a baby and its kinda putting me off.

    Interview is on wednesday, thanks for the luck! I cant find my marriage certificate and still waiting for my vaccination details from my GP, god help me!

  • G/C In my company it was the same as 'me' for SMP. The employer is actually not paying this, it is the goverment, so it is a standard thing with every job.

    On top of that my company had another set of rules. If you where working for a year before your 29th week of pregnancy you where entitled to their maternity package. So on top of SMP I got full pay for 6 months, than dropping down to SMP alone.

    So for SMP which is 90% of your salary for 6 weeks, than dropping down to 126 pounds a week till 9 months maternity leave. (I might be slightly off) But your company might offer you some money on top of that and than you might have to work their longer.
  • ^^ everything breiglin said, i knew it was something like that lol. good luck 2moro mpp xxx
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