FAO Debbiemc

Merry Christmas cyber auntie!!

I've been meaning to catch up with you for ages. Hope your doing ok?

Thought you might like an update! Well I've been signed off work for a week as I have been bleeding on and off.....but I have been for 2 early scans, I know greedy!! And junior is doing perfectly saw the heartbeat and everything! It was amazing. I'm now 7+1 , so fingers crossed all will be ok. They could not see any problems that would cause the bleeding other than I have a small fybroid that could bleed.

Well that's me, are you back in the running yet hun? I miss you xxxxx


Claire and junior xxxximage


  • WOO HOO your back!!
    Claire, Ive been soooooo worried about you!
    Im sorry to hear youve had bleeding but what fantastic news that the scans have shown that my cyer nephew or neice is doing so well, woo hoo!
    I cant believe that your already 7+1!!!!!
    I hope your resting up and being waited on hand and foot!! lol.
    I think ive ov today (run out of sticks for my cbfm & cant afford to buy anymore this mth!) we bd this morning and will again tonight so hopefully have caught it. Ill see if my temp rises tomorrow or not, keep your fingers crossed for me. Im determined to join you in pregnancy. lol.
    I miss you too but im so happy that you are both doing well, keep up the good work Claire and ill check in on you soon, lots of love Debs xxxx
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