OPK question

Hey all - sorry for asking ANOTHER questions about OPKs but it is my first month of using them.
So i had a positive OPK on Sat and Sunday and today a very very negative one lol.
We BDd Sat and Sun. What happens now? Chances are I will be OV on Tuesday/Wednesday ish does that mean?
So will Thursday by 1dpo?


  • Hi snugglenush hun, these OPKs are really confusing eh, well when you got your positive that means you will ov between 24-36hrs later.

    I would have thought you would ov today or tomorrow.

    I haven't had a positive opk yet but I done one this morning, maybe too early??

    Anyway hun, just wanted to wish you luck. I have been feeling sick today I wonder if that could be an ov symptom?

  • Possibly? I had a bad headache right before I got my positive OPK but could be a coincidence.
    Got that horrible 2 ww now image Hate it.
  • Ive had headache and felt like my temp is up (need to buy a thermometer)!! today have had a sickly feeling and boobs feel sore at the side.

    I would just like to know my body is working!! wish i was on my 2ww but am confused.com if I go by 26th as af date then am not due ov till sat but if I go by 21st then I should have ov today!!

    Its so bleeding confusing guess am just gna have to bd every other night right up until testing?

    Are you testing early now then with ov early? x
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