fao filobabe...

Hey hun, i remember after your mc u oved quite early...thing is ive just had loads of ewcm...not sure whats going on or if my body is being cruel....have started to get crampy pains too.....wtf, confused.com!!!!!!! image image


  • yeah i did ov early ? 7-8 days approx after i mc hence -ve one week, + the next. ewcm was the 1st sign but cramps came after i ov'd.
    Fingers crossed hun and after a mc you may be more fertile as the LO alreay has a nest from the last precious one all ready. Take care and hoping its a bfp for you very soon.
    Filo x
  • Thanx hun, it took 3wks to ov after my last mc thats all so its thrown me a bit!!! Dont have any ov sticks so will go with the flow i guess, and what will be, will be! Just wasnt sure if u can get ewcm after the mc....u know in case it messes it up? I dont know, what ever will be will be i guess! xxxxxx
  • OMG, I had ewcm too, over the weekend, but thought it couldnt be so soon and discounted it as something to do with the mc. I had crampy feeling on lower right side today too. I put that down to trapped wind! (oops, tmi?) Have been feeling really horny for the past few days too (and guillty for feeling like that so soon after mc). You have given me a glimer of hope now ladies, thought I was just imagining things and grasping at straws!

    (btw, sorry to crash and hijack your thread woomummy. good luck hun) xx
  • i wasnt guna say anything...but i had such a bad urge to bd hubbie last night i couldnt stop myself...!!! And then this today....like u tho i felt such a cow wanting him, does that make sense....well i did anyway and it made me feel better than i have in ages...and if we get another bubba from it, it can only be gd news image u hijack away hun!
  • makes perfect sense hun, I felt the same. Must be something in the forum air cos we were 'at it' last night as well! lol!. (got the bd urge again tonight too. cant wait for him to come home from work!)

    Hope its a really good sign for us both. We may be leaving ttc together hun! xx
  • oh god i think were in sync cus im planning on round 2 later!! I havent felt like this in ages...crazy!!! Mb we are, how cool would that be, we entered together and leave together! I promised i wouldnt test til the 30th june.....damn it....must not poas! xxxx
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