Belly ache

Hi girls I am feeling blue image For the last three weeks since my missed period i have had a od belly ache. it;s like I have a dull pain just where my belly button is and just above.

I do suffer with ibs and have had a bad belly for the last few days and on and off for the last three weeks but it's really making me feel down. It take weeks to see my doctor and I am thinking should i just wait till AF arrives or does not arrive tomorrow or friday and if not then go and see him, or at least make an app.

K xxxx


  • Hi K-lou. I haven't got a diagnosis of IBS, but I know I suffer from it (I'm a nurse - so terrible for self diagnosing!). I was only taking peppermint oil, which was working, but since ttc have stopped it as contains peanut oil. Have always found my stomach plays up more when af around, so there could be a hormonal link there. At the moment on cd 7, and can't always tell the IBS pain from the af pain!
    If it is worrying you, definitely go to the dr. Maybe make an appointment for early next week? Don't forget your PMA, as stress exacerbates IBS. I have a little spare, so can share, and I'll give you some baby dust too.
    Hope it's all ok, let us know. xx
  • Ahhh thank you your such a sweetheart image I was really upset last night very tearful as it was hurting and I had no idea why image I have had IBS for awhile but never had it like this before though I have had a very bad belly the last few days sorry TMI. I am better this morning though belly still feel's funny though i am due on today or tomorrow.

    I was going to wait to see if i had my AF this week bank holiday monday the latest and if not then was going to see him to find out what is going on.

    Sorry can I just ask is it common to miss a period on the pill? I am on Migro 30

    K xxxxxx
  • Hi.
    There never is TMI when you're talking to a nurse! You should hear some dinner conversations....or maybe not! image

    I never had a missed period when I was on the pill. Wish I had missed this one though, it's more painful than when I was taking pill. Which is to be expected, as the pill can make af lighter and less painful.

    Anyway, if it is only one you have missed I wouldn't worry about it too much. It can happen. If it's more than one I'd see your dr. After the bank holiday is ok, to give af time to show up.

    Hope this helps.
    Leigh :\)
  • Thank you, i was all worried last night though I know worrying about it will only cause me to be late or miss it again. Oh what we go through!!!!

    I am worried now I have come off it as my periods before the pill was heavy and painful and then i took the pill and they are soooo good. Oh well I guess we will just have to wait and see image

    K xxxxx
  • If you are continuing to take the pill, take it when it would have been next due. Whether you have had af or not.
    If you are stopping the pill, it can really mess up your body, and you might not get af for a while. This is normal.
    I had 30 day cycle, stopped pill end of March. I'm just lucky. x
  • I took the last in the packet on monday and wont be taking it again though this SF should come within 7 days as my body thinks i am on my 7 day break?? I just hope I at least get this one and then i understand it will be all over the place image

  • Yeah you are right, your body should be thinking you are on your 7 pill free days. x
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