When do you decide your ready?

Ive been with my partner 10 years now we both have jobs, a house together and decided we would like kids before im 30 (im 27 now) I would love a baby but im absolutely petrified of birth, injections etc has anyone else been so petrified, but still wanted them at the same time?


  • Hi pebbles82 and welcoem to the site, i wouldn't say i am petrified of birth and injections but i don't like the thought of them but i want a baby so much i'll do anything. I'm pretty sure that once your holding your little one in your arms all of that worry about pain goes out the window.
  • I am just the same as you, I always think am I 100% ready and you know what i don't think you ever are? I know I can't to be a mummy I can't even think about the birth once i am preg it will be too late and I will have to do it.

    If you both feel in your hearts you want to be a parent then i say go for it and let the rest comeimage

    k XX


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  • hi i think when you cant see your life without children in and you and your partner feel ready to commit to it then you are ready. once you get it in your head you want a baby it can become all you think about but try to relax and enjoy it. birth is nothing to worry about,more than anything what you are feeling is fear of the unknown. i had my daughet not long after my 20th birthday and i was so scared but you feel less pain if you try and relax and remember you dont "fail" if you have pain relief,thats what its there for,to help you have a more enjoyable birth.
    in pregnancy you dont HAVE to have any injections if you dont want them but they are done so quickly and they are for yours and your babys safety. the only things you have injections for is blood tests (and you wont need many unless you develope gestational diabetes) if you have a negitive blood group you will need a jab or 2 and other than that its only the labour its self that you may feel you want some pain reliefe in the form of injection. i had pethadine with my daughter and didnt even notice the jab but once it took effect i calmed down and even slept through some contractions. dont let labour put you off having a child as its true that as soon as you hold your baby you forget about what your body has just done and you will feel amazing! i think of it this way,it cant be that bad if people want to do it again! (me included) hope you join us when you are ready x
  • hello,i think everyone feels like this before you get your bfp infact most people feel like this when there pregnant too,i know i did and you know what,you cope with it all,i was scared stiff of going through labour and me and my oh went to a/classes i was hoping this was going to help me,i only had 2 classes when my ds couldnt wait any longer,he wanted out,5 weeks early, it hurt like hell,i wanted every drug going :lol: but the doctors said they wasnt time and you do cope,you kinda zone out and all you think about it you want the baby out! tbh i think its the unknown what gets the people the most,were trying for the baby # 2 and you know what,iam scared of doing it all again :lol:

  • hiya,i am ttc my second and i had a c section with my first as she was breech,but i am so scared if i get pg again its really hard when you have your first and you dont no whats going to happen but when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time.....well nothing can compare to that!x
  • I am the biggest wimp ever when it comes to injections etc. But having recently had bfp with lots of problems that lead to mc I had to have LOADS of blood tests, internal exams, injections etc. Yes, it wasn't pleasant but once you are pg you would do ANYTHING to keep that baby safe and it gives you the strength somehow. Whenever I started to freak out about a blood test or something I just thought 'it's for the baby' and I just got on with it. If someone had told me to eat nothing but jellied eels for 9 months and it would all be fine I would have!

    I don't think there is ever a 100% right time, and you may never feel totally ready as it's such a big thing but once you make the decision you will probably find that, like us lot on this forum, it becomes all you can think about.

    My sis tried for 8 months and had all sorts of tests etc, and she still said that when she got her bfp part of her was terrified. I think that's natural. Best to not think about the birth etc. Once you are pg you have no choice but to do it anyway. So many people do it and they are ok. Also, it's one day of hell, for a lifetime of being a mummy. I think it's worth it.
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