Very Sore :cry:

Morning Ladies,

Well for the past couple of days i have been feeling very very sore!!! I had an "episode" on Saturday night. My bro and his OH had come round for a night on the Wii Fit :lol: (how sad are we) and my bro's OH was setting herself up on it and i was sat on the sofa watching and got this awful aching pain. It gradually got worse and (TMI) when i went up on the Wii board to measure my BMI etc i had to quickly rush off cause it felt like i needed a poo. I went into the bathroom and i was doubled over (literally) with pains. I thought they were AF pains and they usually wear off after seconds so i waited but they didn't :\(

I ran upstairs and laid on my bed, curled into a ball and cried my heart out. I cant explain the pain now as i dont remember it much but it was in the area i would expect my womb/ovaries etc to be. It made me feel soooo sick and i was sure i was going to pass out. My OH came upstairs and he was so worried and didnt know what to do so he got me a hot water bottle which soothed it a little bit. I text my mum and she said it sounded like i was OV!!! God knows how because i got a low on my CBFM (she doesnt know i have one so i didnt say anything) but i know my mum has this condition that she has strong painkillers for and when she is ovulating she gets really bad pains that have her doubled over too!!! My auntie is the same. I dont know if i have this condition as this is the first time it has happened.

The thing that gets to me is i still feel very sore in that area. It is as though when i move i can just feel my uterus etc and i can picture it all been red raw!!! It isnt AS sore today but last night when i had sex with OH for the first second it felt raw and then after that i was ok.

I just wondered if anyone had ever experienced this before. I am going to speak to my mum about her condition but it would be nice to hear your comments as you ladies are the only ones who know i am TTC and i am just very confused atm!!!

Tink xxxx

UPDATE - mum said it is called Mittleschmertz (sp???)

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  • Honey im not too sure, but i wanted to wish you luck with speaking to your Mum, and i hope you can get to the Drs and get some help or understand whats going on at least.

    I hope you can spend the day trying to feel better.
  • have you been tested for endometreosis (sp) my mum used to get those pains and it was due to that. I hope you feel better soon xx
  • Hi Jadzy, no i havent been tested for it. I should maybe mention it to my doc. I did have a LOT of scans in 2009 to check me for certain stuff but that was never mentioned and i dont know if they would pick it up on a scan anyway.

    HomeFairy - thanks for the comment. There is always something wrong with me :lol: but i think i am just going to cheer myself up and stop been silly image xxx

  • I started getting OV pains after I had my first child and they were so bad I thought it was appendicitis! I went to the doctors and they diagnosed mittelschmerz, which is just a fancy name for OV pains! They gave me some strong painkillers which helped. However, I've since had a grumbling appendix and it was very similar (but much more painful) so it's definitely worth getting it checked out.
  • The thing is i wouldnt have thought it was OV pain because of where it was. The pain was bang in the centre of my body, right where (i assume) my uterus should be. It didnt spread to my hips or anything. That is why it was so unusual!!! x
  • I was going to say what Romy said. Mine can be very painful but are on one side. If it's in the middle of your body it sounds more like bad indigestion or even constipation chick sorry! I got rushed into hospital with suspected apendicitis as a child and it was constipation :roll:
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