Thanks from a newbie

Hi all,

I've just become a member but have been reading some posts for advice and reasurance. I got my bfp today and just wanted to say thankyou for all your help. We did a few things differently this month so thought id share it with you all incase it helps someone:

-decided not to 'try for a baby', didn't look at dates in my diary once
-bd'd roughly everyother day instead of everyday around ov
-no legs in the air
-we used to bd in the afternoon but switched to evenings
-i used youtube, searched for 'guided meditation' or 'deep relaxation' and listened to it everyday, i think this really helped.

Buckets of baby dust to you all


  • Congratulations on your bfp, i got mine aswell and weren't looking at dates etc, also bd every otherday and just tried to relax!! Here's to a great 9 months and everything going well! xx
  • Thanks St Bertie-so lovely of you to reply, im an old YAYW 'er-i was pix then mrs pix and i don't know if you remember but we had a random late night chat about toadie from neighbours!

    Anynews from MrsP and big congratulations to you too!x
  • Congratulations, had you been trying long?
  • thanks for the advice, im currently on my 2ww so ill follow ur advice if all doesnt go according to plan. here's hoping for a bfb ;\)
  • Congratulations twist_twirl. Has it sunk in yet? Me and hubbie are in a complete state of shock and im feeling very scared! see you in the March forum! Hope they're super sticky!
  • We were on month 3 so very lucky but it was a long journey to even start ttc as i have crohn's disease so had to come off medication, get healthy etc xx
  • Yep, that's my old avatar. So pleased for Mrs P, did she have a pink or a blue penguin?

    Im so happy i can now join this site, i'd been putting it off as was trying not to get too obsessed with babies. I've weaned off YAYW and was kind of in limbo land! Hope all's well with you xx
  • im so pleased with being pg again cos only had a mc in april so i'm really over the moon. just trying to take it easy. will look forward to many posts in the march forum!! hubby is very happy, he was on his friends stag do in barcelona when i told him, he got back yesterday. were both so pleased and scared at the same time!!
  • Oh a little girl, that's such lovely news!

    I think i'm due mid-march, actually Friday the 13th if those due date calculators are accurate but when i go to the doctors im going to tell him my period started a day later (which it kind of did as the first day was only spotting). I'm not really supersticious but i can imagine people saying something about it.

    Sorry to hear you've been sicky-not really looking forward to any of that but it's meant to be a good sign. Hope you start feeling better soon, make the most of being at home-get those feet up! Hopefully speak again soon xx
  • twist_twirl, im so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Sending you lots of sticky dust. I keep getting period cramps which i've read is normal but i can't help worrying and checking the loo roll.

    Do you know when you're due? Wish they'd put the March forum up for us!
  • congratulations! and thanks for the tips image xx
  • Thanks everyone. Just also wanted to say that i had no clue i was pregnant-no symptoms just usual pms . I had an implantation bleed which i thought was my period arriving 2 days early but other than that, nothing x
  • congrats pixiebob!
  • Congratulations xx
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