is this a chemical pregnancy?

Have been off here for a little while what with moving house and no internet so quicly doing this at work!

Think i ov'd on the 7th feb as had a dip on bbt on the 6th and temps have been high ever since. Peak on CBFM on the 5th & 6th followed by a high. Also a +'ve opk on the 6th followed by a negative one.

Anyone have a v v light pink colour when i "wiped" on wed am (fmu) - implantation?! then yellow cm that day.

Had to do a urine test for docs yesterday am (11dpo) and on a whim dipped a superdrug hpt. BFP! faint but defo there and defo pink line. Waited until lunch at work to go again, nipped out to get a frer and bfp again! (also faint but sill visible).

So fmu did another superdrug one and barley visible, could see it but lighter than the day before. went again an hour later (no drinking inbetween) - frer - superhuman vision could just about make out a 2nd line - oh couldn't see it. no more cm but feeling v damp (sorry tmi)

anyway, surely should be getting a little bit darker rather than so much lighter, or at least staying the same if not enough time for hcg to really rise - anybody else have this?! have convinced myself is a chemical but wanted to double check, also posted this on pregnancy...

thanks!!! :\?


  • Hi SmudgeSmith

    BE just ate my reply - grrrrrr. Anyway, what I said was someone just the other day said that they tested with tests from the same box with the same wee and they had different lines on them. Try and hold on until your period is due and test again. It could just be your hormones settling.

    Hope this helps and lots of baby dust to you.

    V xxx
  • different tests detect different hormone levels and can also have different strengths of dye so I reckon you should test again once af is late. the cm is a positive sign

    good luck and baby dust xx
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