has anyone else had this????

evening all,

jus carrying out my usual SS which i promised myself i wasn't gonna do, but who the hell i'm i kidding?

right so i'm currently 8dpo, had major sore boobs since 4dpo to the point of agony i would imagine is like a boob job (ok maybe not that painful) but they are swollen too....and since 6dpo i've had cramps like af is on her way....my cycles for the last 14 months of coming of pill are very regular and are 28/30 days long, which makes my prediction for an af show anytime from monday 18th jan onwards to 20th ish.

i think i ov 6th jan, if anyone read one of my posts sorry tmi coming, when my and DH and i bd, he felt like his men were kind of sucked up through a hole and i had no leakage afterwards, so i believe cervix was open

with all this in mind, i have never had crampin this early on, usually like 2 days before af arrives.

i'm really trying not to get my hopes up but its just so god damn hard not to with all these never happened before symptoms, and i have til bloody wednesday next week to wait til i know


has anyone else had these symptoms before and been successful or am i jus gettin my hopes up??

a very frustrated hannah xxxx


  • sorry honey didnt want to read and run- the symptoms sound promising. I hope someone comes on and says they got a BFP after it.

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