Katie price, overreaction.....

Am I the only person in the uk who thinks the princess pic is harmless?
I have put makeup on my neice before, eyeshadow and lipstick
then she proceeded to ruin it by using my Dior lippy as blusher! It was fun and she washed
it off after.I used to play with makeup when I was a kid, as most girls do!
My friend painted her four year olds daughters nails for her as she wanted
it done before a party.
From what it looks like to me the false eyelashes aren't stuck to her eyeline
it looks like they have been used and still a bit sticky. And from what I remeber seeing
ages ago on katie and pete, pete thinks it's ok for his brother to bleach highlights in juniors hair?
From what I have read in numerous forums people are acting like katie price
has done her daughter up every day.
I seriously wonder about comments about how she should have her kids taken off her,( not just this forum)
just find it really silly. There are people out there who take their babies with them to get a fix of crack
or beat them up, crawling around crack houses with needles on the floor,Left for hours alone at home because mums a alcoholic and is down the pub or park. I know because I see through my job.

From what i can see the children are in good health, well dressed and content. Harvey gets the medical care he needs, they have food in their bellys, they have a clean safe home and environment and they see both mum and dad. They have alot more then most children do out there.

I'm not a katie price fan, that's why I don't watch her program.
Just think some people need to get a grip! Personally I'm bored of the witch hunt. That's why
I turn the Channel over.

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  • i think she is a great mum, have seen a few of her programmes and she loves her kids to bits. i see no harm in makeup on lil girls if its just for dress up fun. have seen lots of forums slating her recently. some of it is fair most is nonsense.

    woman in my work yesterday said that the reason harvey was disabled was because she drank when pregnant!!! i was really angry at that as his condition is not a one off and has been proven has nothing to do with alcohol.
  • Im not a great fan of Katie Price but I dont see what all the fuss is about, I hve a 3 year old & I paint her nails & she has put make-up on herself several times, lol, (think she could do with a few pointers) I find it cute, it all washes off at the end of the day.

    17 weeks xx
  • Funny I thought same. As far as I read the pic was on her sister's FB page and I thought of all the times we have dressed the kids up or done facepainting etc and gone LOL let's put a pic up... I think it'sblown out of all proportion and tbh I think the pics I've seen of Tom Cruise's little girl tottering around in heels are worse as they will damage her feet, false eyelashes aren't exactly life-threatening are they?
    I have no time for KP now, used to think she was down to earth and ok but lately she makes me sick but yeah, I think this is over the top and pointless press.... oooooh I wonder why it was done? See what I'm saying here? We're all discussing her AGAIN!!!!! KP doesn't care, good or bad - it's all press coverage...
  • Yay! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    Things get blown out of all context. Someone said
    if it was a normal person social services would take her children off her.
    It's the most silliest thing I've ever heard!

  • I totally agree with you baby-princess!!

    She isn't my favourite person in the world but I really do like her.

    WT x
    34 +4
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