any1 trying to concieve no. 2 or 3 or 4

we have decided to ttc concieve baby number 2. for some reason i feel really nervous this time. ive still got 1 months pill left and for some reason im insisting on taking it. i have been broody since lo was born 17 months ago so i really dont know why im feeling so nervous. im desperate for another baby so i dont understand i didnt feel this way first time around. is anyone feeling the same and what kind of gap did you leave before ttc again.



  • i written a huge big reply but it wouldnt post, im trying with my second and i have a daughter who is 1 in 2 weeks, ive been trying for 10months but had no luck, i want another so bad this time round coz i know what im going to get out of it, if you kow what i mean, due to test 17-18 may hope i fall this month x

  • Hi Angielisa, I am TTC my second, after a gap of 5 years. It will be my partners first though. I am also more nervous this time round because I know what a massive change it is. I am more excited but much more aware of what I'm going to go through, and I know how hard it can be. I'vealso managed to convince myself that I won't be able to concive again, for no reason at all.
    Good luck and keep in touch.
  • Hi, I'm ttc my second. LO was three in january and I would've loved a sibling to be closer in age but I am single and am ttc via diy donor artificial insemination. I am a bit nervous because I am 39 and my fertility may be reducing and if it works I will be a high risk pregnancy as I had pre eclampsia with my lo and had emergency c-section at 32 weeks and then 4 weeks of scbu. So although I desperately want a second child its hard not to feel a bit anxious.
    Helen xx
  • hello,were trying for #2 my DS turned 1 in april,this is our second month of trying but i cant really count the first month cos my OH was working away mon-fri so it was a long shot anyway,so hopefully we stand a better chance this month with him coming home everynight image
    good luck
  • hi babe, were ttc our 2nd baby, (well actually our 3rd as last pg sadly ended in mc) our dd has just turned 3 and i have wanted another baby also since elisa was born!! but sadly its taken us 13 months ttc again and it didnt end well, due to all the stress i suppose. Anyway, dont want to depress anyone!! this is our 1st month ttc after 1st af so i am feeling exited about it again. Hope we all get our bfp very soon!! hugs xxx
  • Hi we are ttc baby no 6!! I love my children and really enjoy being a mum theres nothing i would rather do! Its quite normal to worry about having another child because things will change but they will change for the better. How was your pregnancy and birth with your 1st? If it wasnt easy then maybe your worry about that side of things as you been there before. Im sure you will be fine, hope to see you posting soon that you have your bfp. Good luck xx
  • hi im ttc my second child only came off the pill at the end of april so aint been trying long but having fun trying im very scared this time round as i got pregnant with my daughter who has just turned 18mths while on the pill and was a big suprise but ended up on my own when i was 11 wks pg i know my new oh wont do the same as the ex did as he was the 1 who wanted to start now( i wanted another soon after my daughter was born) and is a calm person
  • blinkin ek debbiemc,#6 how do you cope :lol: i think you deserve a gold medal! if i need any expert advice i will know who to come too,how long as it took you to concive #2-5 if you dont mind me asking?

  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd about 2 mths, the 4th 3mths and im going into my 4th mth this time. Lol. I have big gaps between mine so its easy to cope. They are 22, 19, 11, 7 and 1. xx
  • :lol: i dont know why but i just presumed there were all very young,thats not so bad then lol good luck to you and hope you get your bfp very soon and to the rest of you ladies,still think you deserve a gold medal though lol

  • Thanks! Ill have lots of helpers when the next one comes along! Good luck ladies xx
  • Hi

    I trying for number 3. But DH has 3 already, so it will be the 6th one in the family. The ages are 26,19,13,12,11, so it'll be like starting all over again!

    Hjanea - i'm almost 39 too, and i saw the doc and he reassured me that us women go through a final flush of fertlility at 38 - 42, and to be honest i have conceived twice in the last 9 months, but sadly lost both pregnancies at 12 weeks and 6 weeks, but on a positive note, it does prove that there is this fertile thing going on! When i was in my mid twenties it took me over a year to get my first lo. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • I'm ttc#3 at the minute. Amy is 2 1/2 & Zara is 5 months. I felt broody as soon as Zara was born & we are into our 4th month of ttc now. It took 7 cycles before I fell pregnant with Zara so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it wont take much longer this time

    Good luck with ttc.

    Hilary x
  • thank you all for your replies. haley i got your first reply at my email add thanx.

    debbiemc i had a bad pregnancy with chloe. not in a physical way in and emotional way at 20weeks they found a cyst on her brain and i was told could be edwards syndrome. it was a really hard time and as much as docs tried to reassure me she was fine i was not convinced till i held her in my arms luckily labour was quite straightforward and it may sound mad but i actually enjoyed it and am quite looking forward to that bit could be something to do with it being the end of a bad pregnancy. i do worry about things changing and sometimes feel guilty about bringing another baby into chloe's home if that doesnt sound too silly.
    do you know i think im just thinking too much and should just get on i really dont know why im worrying im desperate for another babba. and as everyone has said it doesnt always happen frist time it could be a while before i concieve and i would rather not have to big a gap between them.

    good luck to everybody in getting those bfp's soon.
  • Hi we're ttc no.2, lo is almost 2 1/2 and been ttc since october. When she was born we both said never again but since last april i have really wanted another one and oh has been more up for it this year. I hate that there will be such a big age gap but its for the best really as lo is quite hard work at the mo with her tantrums so im hoping that by next year Ill have a well behaved 3 yr old and a newborn. Im hoping month 7 is lucky for us and we may have a valentines bubba!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    good luck girls
  • Thanks for that Nooniem,its boosted my pma as I didnt know that. I have my fingers crossed for third time lucky this time!! Good luck to you too and everyone else. Isn't it nice that you can feel so pleased for everyone on here when they get their bfps!!(sorry-gone off topic!!)xx
  • I am ttc no2 and my daughter is going to be 1 next month. This will be our first month of trying again for our second one and I am really nervous this time around. We conceived first time last time and I am hoping/wishing that we will be lucky enough to have the same thing happen again. I didn't go on the pill or any other form of contraception so I am hoping this will also help matters.
    Good Luck to all those others ttc
  • Hiya, we are ttc our third. I've left a gap of nine years so I'm terrified that suddenly i'm not going to be able to concieve or what things are going to be like. The gap between my first two was only two and a half years so i still felt like i knew what i was doing.

    First month off the pill and hoping that i get my BFP as quickly as i did with my last one which was two months after coming off the pill.
  • Hi, we will be starting ttc our 2nd soon. Our dd is 13 months old and i finished taking the pill last week - however am still waiting for first af to appear. Know what you mean about being nervous as last time planned to start ttc after our hols and found out i was pregnant the week before we went! So never really done the whole counting cycles and stuff!!

    Good luck to everyone image
  • me neither laura. i came off the pill and fell preg that month so really unsure about all the cycle things and stuff and really dreading my first af as they used to be sooo bad before i went on pill.

    hope you get you bfp soon.xx
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