been bad :o And the pains are starting !

I have been a bad girl image I went to wilko and got OPK's image OH wont be happy so i not going to tell him hahahahahaha :lol: he doesnt want to waist money on them image i brought enough last month he thought they would last 4 months image image they only lasted 1 :lol: i only got 2 boxes so i have 10 going to test for the next few days and see image the pains have started :\( so bad i took a painkiller image Y does ov pains have to be so bad there on my right side this month last month it was my left so i am hoping the left eggs are better like free range organic eggs :lol: :lol: :lol:
Have Plenty of ewcm enough to make bd not good image :lol: image so going to have sex tonight ;\)

Good Luck to anyone OV over the weekend xxxxxx

MJ1986 Hows it going????? U OV'ing yet ??????????????????? image

gems xx


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