Advance TMI warning - advice needed pls

Ok not sure how to put this without TMI so just going to have to spit it out!

I am not sure quite when I ov'd but we bd'd every night for the week and a few times before and after that week. On Monday we bd'd again (about 5 days after possible ov) and when I went to the toilet afterwards there was a little blood but only when I wiped n very watered down by guy stuff. I have just been to the loo for a little more than a wee and again when I wiped there was blood.

Not due af til 27th, have been pg before but mmc'd and the implantation bleed I had then was not like this, could this be a very early mc? I tested today and bfn!

So confused!!!


  • not sure really as no experience of mc but was it very fresh red blood or darker older looking?

    and without being a bit rude could it be due to rough sex????? I remember having very pale faint blood once after quite a rough session haha sorry far TMI
  • I have had the same from rough sex but none of that recently. It wasn't brown but not bright red either and forgive the graphic description here but going to the loo was tricky and I strained a little! I hate this not knowing!!!!
  • i reckon maybe too much bd? it can make u 'sore' and may of caused it? i dunno. or could be systitus? i get that quite a alot? xxxx
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