what to believe - temps or pg test?!

hey girls, havent been on for quite a while. was crushed by af arriving on time last cycle and wanted to try and relax for this one. so far, so good....till now!

my temps have been rising since ov - 13 days ago. they are the highest they've ever been, at 37.14 this morning (never even been into the 37's before!)
last month my temps started dropping considerably about 5 days before af arrived.
af is due tomorrow, and temps very high, but FR test this morning was a BFN - not even an incling of a second line.

any thoughts?!

oh, and i have a lot of symptoms, but wont go into those now! xx


  • thanks suzanne. i did try a SD test the day before, 11DPO, and it was BFN too - but i have another one and will try in the morning. fingers crossed! xx
  • Hi Livvy, are your af's always on time? As temps don't usually drop until the day before af, so if your af is like clockwork I would say this is a very good sign indeed, if your af's are not I wouldn't get too excited until you see that bfp as your temp can plummet overnight - don't want to rain on your parade, I have just seen it myself! Also some ladies don't get their bfp until after af is due so that may be why you're not seeing it yet. Fingers crossed that your temp stays up! I know when I get to that time I hold my breath every morning hoping that my temp doesn't drop! Good luck hun.
  • i dont really know about temps etc, but i have heard lots of bad things about FR tests, so i think test with another brand, my friend never got a bfp with FR, so when she was 12 weeks she tested with fr just to see as she thought they were dodgy, and got a bfn!!!!!!! she now has a 4 month old son, so clearly they can be wrong! xx
  • Hi Livvy, what have your temps done today? I'm in the same position, my LP is 11 days, today is 12DPO and my temps are still sky high, but got a BFN on Superdrug this morning, so not sure what to think!

    Hannah xx
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