Cycle Buddies Mrs R, Jay78 and babyonboard :lol:

CYCLE BUDDY yey............. image

I am due ov sometime soon and I am CD21 of a 35-40 day cycle, if there is anyone else out there with long cycles that would like to be my buddy and help me through TTC I would like to hear from you.

You have to be kind hearted, have a good sense of humour and be motivated to get us both a BFP :lol:

My last Cycle buddy Snugglenush is now nesting in Due in October rightly so after getting her BFP yey so I have a vacancy now to fill her shoes :lol:

I need someone am so lonely and cannot go through the 2ww this month by myself.

Ps I dont mind having a Cycle Buddy group if more than 1 of us yey!!

Plzzzzzzzzz reply xx

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  • Hi pet, I'm on CD19 of a 28-40 day cycle. Think I will be OVing any day now so it would be lovely to share the madness!
    I'm currently trying to figure out a pain free way to BD tonight as I don't want to miss an opportunity but I fell down our full flight of stairs this morning and knackered my shoulder and back!
  • Hey sparkling diamond, i'll be your cycle buddy although my cycles arent as long as yours. I am due to ovulate soon aswell so at least we can go throughh this month together maybe. I'm getting some OV pains (had them yesterday and today so think should be anytime now)
    I think we're also married in May buddies too arent we?| How cool would that be if we also got pregnant in the same month! Jxx :\)

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  • Yey the more the merrier I love BUDDIES!!

    Mrs R - sorry to hear about your fall hope your ok just lie back and let hubby do all the work!

    Jay78 - what was your username on yayw hun? yey how cool would that be even cooler to get anniversary BFP's woo hoo.

    Lets build up the PMA and we can all help each other through the 2ww. We will keep our own little thread going as soon as we have all OV.

    I have yet to get a smiley but am hoping sometime this week am going by my usual 35 day cycle but I could have a 40 or 45 day so bear with me as not sure when or if I will ov.

    Babydust to all xx
  • I have exactly the same username as yayw on here. Boring i know! he he
    Did you post any piccies at all of your wedding? You got anything planned for your 1 year anniversary? It'll be nice to go through this together and also have wedding stuff to chat about aswell so can keep us getting a little bit less stressed out about ttc

    Hope you get your smiley soon. I reckon you will get it either tomorrow or Thursdayimage

    Ouch MrsRobertson hope you are ok hun? Youll have to get hubby to start off with a massage first! he he

    oooo im excited now got me some cycle buddies!

    Definately keep each other updated xxxx
  • Hi Jay78 yeah my pics should be on there i posted a link to my album but photographer has since taken them off the website so cant be viewed.

    I was MrsBrown2b on there ring any bells? We should post some wedding pics. We are going on hol to San Antonio Bay in Ibiza for our wedding anniversary to the Hotel Bergantin all inc for a week cant wait and am actually getting excited yey.

    Yey lovely to have some buddies keep me updated xx
  • ah yes i remember you. You probably wont remember me as i didnt really post much on yayw. Ive posted a lot more on here!

    Ive posted a link from facebook below to my wedding pics (we bought the rights to all our photos which was definately worth the money). We also had a friend, who is semi pro, take some natural pics. Sorry there is quite a lot of them

    Friends pics

    Pro pics
  • Hi i have not much of an idea about my cycles think im on Cd 17 so when af comes i'll post again and see where abouts ur at xxx
  • Well we managed a rather un-sexy BD with me and my poorly shoulder propped up on pillows and hubby doing all the work whilst trying not to hurt me :lol:

    He never passes up an opportunity though, bless him!

    Jay78 I love your wedding pics, you both look sooooooo happy! I was on YAYW too although I wasn't really a prolific poster. I was MrsRobertson2B and then I changed it once I was married to NowMrs Robertson, although I must say my interest waned significantly after I was married and the YAYB forum is nowhere near as good as this place!

    My temp still hasn't risen this morning so we'll have to keep up BDing! I'm off to the docs in a mo to see if they can give me something stronger than paracetamol so I can get back to work.

    Keep the PMA up ladies! xx
  • what do u use to check ur temp? am thiking of trying this? xxx
  • Hi lilly_kick, I just use a digital thermometer I bought on Amazon. If you're thinking of trying it pop down to your local Boots - I've just been to pick up a prescription in mine and they had digital thermometer and fertility diary packs on sale for ??1.62!! I've put up a post on here and on planning in case it helps anyone out!

    I use fertility friend to chart. You get a free introductory period where you get all of the analysis of your cycle and stuff, then afterwards it's not too expensive if you want to keep that up or you can just use the free version which just allows you to chart your temps. Here's a link to my home page if you want to have a little look,

    Now, get yourself down to Boots and get a bargain BBT thermometer!! xx
  • jay78 they are lovely photos love the dress

  • hey thanks so much i'll get on the case image great stuff xxx
  • Hi Jay78 beautiful photos hun, love the dress image

    I dont really have any professional pics on my computer as they are all copywright my photographer wouldnt let me buy the right to them. It cost me nearly 1400 for our photos including storybook album I was gobsmacked I do love the album tho and I will take pics of it when I get chance and post them for you xx
  • Jay 78

    Have been on to yayw and posted a link to my prof pics on a separate thread.

    Had to remember how to do it tho havent been on there since our wedding!!

    How time flies x

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  • Thanks Girls, we did have an amazing day. I cant believe how time flies either. Only a couple of months and will be our 1 year anniversery! MrsR when did you get married?

    Wow thats a lot of money SD, I think we paid ??950 inc photobook and then paid an extra ??250 for the copyright. I'm gonna pop over to yayw now and have a look at your pics x

    MrsR he he you did make me laugh at the unsexy BD. How is your shoulder today? Did the doc give you anything stronger?
  • Hi ladies,

    Yes the doctor did give me something stronger, they're really good but they don't half make me feel dizzy! image

    I told the doctor that we're ttc and she reassured me that the only risk with these tablets would be if I kept taking them for the whole pregnancy then baby might be addicted to them image

    SD that was a lot of money for your wedding pics pet, they are lovely though! Mine was ??700 for 2 photographers to take the pics and for full copyright to them as well as a DVD slideshow. It was ??200 for my storybook style album and only ??100 each for any further albums so we got my mam and his mam one each.

    We got married last August and it was the best day ever. I can't believe this time last year I was still planning everything!

    Still no temp rise this morning so on with the rather unsexy BD'ing! :lol:
  • Maybe have a go in the shower or the bath MrsR?image he he

    I havent been tracking my temp but have been getting some OV pains since Sunday (although they dont usually last this long). Maybe im about to finish OVing hmmmm well just have to keep BDing anyway! he he
  • Aaww Jay, those photos are lovely, you look stunning.

  • Morning ladies!

    How is everyone? I'm bored out of my mind being off work, I can't drive either so I'm stuck in cos the bus service in our village is pretty poop! On the plus side, these painkillers I've been prescribed are making me feel tipsy! :lol:

    I'm on CD22 and still no temp rise, but I did get a very strong positive on an ebay cheapie OPK last night so my lucky hubby has been treated to more un-sexy bedroom action image

    I wish I didn't have these stupid long cycles, I just want to OV so I can get on with the symptom spotting in the 2ww :lol:

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