1st Try

Hi ladies

This is my first post, been on here a couple of months now though!

Me and my husband have just started trying for our first baby.

We BD last night but as soon as he pulled it out it (sorry tmi) it came running out, could I still get pregnant or has it got to stay in there?

If so how do I keep it in there?

Thanks Kayleigh x


  • Hi,

    Yes you can still get pregnant. I always used to think that but, it only needs a little bit!!! you will be surprised as to how much actually stays in!

    hope this helps, and good luck x x
  • Hi hun and welcome to BE, you will love it here image

    Best advice is to get your legs up! Prop your self up with a cushion under your bottom and stay there for a while, good luck xxx
  • Hiya, i found if he -ahem- finished lol with ur legs in the air a bit then put a couple of pillows under ur bum and go to sleep if its night or stay there for 20 mins that cud do the trick. Good luck! *babydust* x
  • Hi Kayleigh, I was just going to say what the other ladies have already said, I put my legs up agains the wall after, though I only last about 5 mins before I get bored! It's not essential to get pregnant but as they say every little helps :lol:

    Welcome to the forum and good luck xx
  • welcome hun, as the girls said some of it does still stay in but putting your legs up for a little while can only help.xxxxxxxx
  • Hey & welcome to BE and our rather extended family.

    my advice is the same as the other ladies. A post quite a while ago said it really helps if you both orgasm at the same time too as it kinda all gets 'sucked up' better.

    Good Luck chic

  • Hi thanks ladies will defo be getting my legs up in the air in a week as that is when I should be ovulating! Will be on our honeymoon too so it would be extra special if we concieved then!!

    Merry xmas to you all and a special sprinkling of baby dust for you all for 2010!!!
  • Don't worry about dribbling hun. I can't remember the exact details but the bit that counts goes up and then swims up where as the other stuff that comes out is just the liquid that the good stuff was in... Not sure if it makes sense :lol: But its something like that image

    Good luck x
  • When you ovulate you release a hormon that attracts the sperm... when a man (tmi) millions are ejaculated so im sure atleast a couple make it image
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