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I was just wondering if anybody had some advice really....I am on the pill right now Migro 30 and I missed my period last month.

It's been 17 days since I should of come on though i have done three tests all negative so i don;t think i am though my doctor has asked me to do a urine test this Friday and will have that sent to the hospital.

i do have sore boobs and very sore nips and I am not due on again for another two weeks. I have had pains in my belly since Sat really not huge pains but it feels funny like I have a belly bug and it;s around my belly button not all the time but most of the time. I have also had a lot more head aches which is doing my head in!!

I am just up in the air right now. Hubby and i have said if I am not then we will start trying this Aug it has made us see how ready we both are. We was going to wait till next year but this has changed everything.

Thanks for reading

K xxx


  • Hey K-Lou. What a nightmare situation! I can understand why you feel frustrated. Keep your PMA up though because you never's not long now until you go to the doc's. The really good news is that you know that you are ready for lo's now which is fab news! Welcome to the very crazy and surreal world of TTC - keep in touch. xx
  • Thank you very much image

    I know I feel the need to keep talking about it even though there is nothing to talk about really lol

    I just wish i know either way I migth do another test Thursday morning and if that is Neg then wait to see what the doctor has to say when he gets the sample back.

    k xxx
  • Hiya K-Lou, can appreciate how difficult being in limbo is, especially with such a confusing situation - I've come to the conclusion over the 6 months we've been trying that our bodies are very weird things and constantly playing tricks on us! hope you get some answers soon x
  • Didn't want to r&r. You do have a lot of pg signs, at least you have a dr appointment. Hope you get the news you want.

    Oh and if you need someone to talk to, there's usually someone here who's been through it before you! :\) x

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  • Thank you thats really sweet. My pains in my belly stop yesterday lunch time and have not come back at all which has pleased me. I did another test last night and it was BPN so I guess that shows me that i am not really.

    Though having all this has made us see we are so ready and this is what we want to in Aug we will start trying. I have 9 days left on the pill then i will come off it image

    Just need to find out now what all these problems were in the first place why i missed my period and why I got these pains?

    Thank you again i am soooo pleased i found this site!!

  • It is a great site, and the ladies on here are really friendly and helpful. Hope you get your bfp when you're ready, and that dr's are helpful in regards to what has been going on. x
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