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How long have you been TTC?



  • Hi, I'm 27 and hubby is 28, 4 months off the pill and 2 months actively ttc!
  • Hello,
    I'm 27 and hubby is 38. I came off the pill in August 09 and we started trying at the end of November.
    I've been having long and irregular cycles (CD 63 today!) so have been to docs and awaiting blood test results which will hopefully tell us what is going on!

  • Im 24 and hubby is 40 (yes 16 years-some people can make me feel awful about it). We tried when i OV'd and im still waiting for AF 53 DAY CYCLE AND IM NORMALLY 35!!!!!
  • am 24 and DH is 22. Came off pill in August and been TTC ever since. on cycle 6 now. Was lucky to get fairly regular cycles(27-29days) back immediately.
  • hello!
    i came off the pill after 10yrs in july 08 to get it out my system, but had to go back on it for 3m at time of our wedding (af due wedding day!), So off it again beg of september and coming to the end of our 2nd cycle ttc (af due tues)

    i'm 28 and dh is 27 xxx
  • I have been TTC 17month #2

    Homefairy my AF was 3 weeks late when she finally came it really sucks xxxxxx ((hugs)))



    gembags xxxx
  • I'm 26, hubby is 31 and we've been trying for exactly two weeks today! AF due between 17th and 22nd so wish me luck!!!
  • I'm 21, my oh is 22 and we are ttc our 2nd child. Started trying yesterday xoxo
  • hiya, i'm 23 and hubby is 24 and we've been trying for 3 months for our 1st. i came off my pill almost 2 yrs ago just because i felt like i wanted a break from it and am so glad i wasn't on it just before ttc now after hearing the problems some of the girls on here have had! then again i didn't have any strangely long cycles after coming off it.
  • hi,

    i am 24 - oh is 25 ttc our first - since Nov 08. However - We have only really started ttc 'properley' the last 2 cycles.

  • Hubby and I are both 25, on month 7 of ttc but having v irregular cycles of 40-150 days and pcos. We're under the fertility unit at our lcal hospital, having more tests soon, starting Clomid in 6 weeks... scary stuff!
  • Hiya all,
    Me and hubby are both 24 and TTC our first. We're on CD7 of our 5th month. Like a few other 'young ones' I thought we'd be pregnant by now but not as easy as it seems. Doing the SMEP this month! baby dust to all!
  • I'm 26 and DH is 28, this is month 20 of us trying for our first baby x
  • Hey,

    Im 21 and been ttc for a little over 11 months..

    Tec we've only been trying for 7 months because my partner works away... Good luck with your BFP xx
  • Hi all,

    I am 30 and DH is 31.

    Off the pill since Nov 08, upsi since Christmas 08 - trying not to worry too much (too many friends who got BFPs the first month of trying.....). A few health problems early in 09 knocked my cycle about a bit (TMI?) - so I'm counting TTC as since July 09 (6 months) xx
  • Im 29, hubby is 44, been off the pill since June 08 after our wedding in May and had hoped I wouldnt have to use opks etc but no such luck. Definitely wish I had come off the pill sooner, all those years wasted worrying about falling pg outside wedlock......thanks mother!! image xx
  • I'm 25 and hubby is 27.
    Now on month 7 ttc our 2nd baby although fell pg on month 2 but miscarried image
    Fell pg with our 1st on 1st month though so you just never know what will happen.

    Good luck! xx
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