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Hi everyone
I am new here. I have been broody for ages but we agreed to wait until we were married before we started ttc. We married in June, I came off the pill at the end of the honeymoon and have had a 38 day wait for my first af. I want to start tracking ovulation etc asap as my instinct tells me that I might need to keep an eye on it. I couldn't tell you why but figure it can't hurt.
Can anyone recommend a good online site to use? I have ordered a thermometer and will give the predictor kits a go as well. I had a quick look at Fertility Friend but got a bit freaked out by the Americanisms and the step by step lesson plans that got sent to me! Are there any others, preferably free, that people use?
Thanks very much everyone.


  • I've used for about 5 years and love it... It's always proved accurate for me with regards to both ov'ing and AF...

  • You could try Fertility Friend the basics are free but the upgrades are great too for not too much money.
  • hi lassie 1981

    just married myself in june and trying for a baby, waited until after we were married, 30 next year so need to get skates on cos i would love 3 or 4.

    im abut to start taking temp each morning once i get af, well if i do..

    i waited about 35 days for my first af after coming off pill so was quite happy things seemed to be back on track so quickly

    ther are alot of tips on the website here for symptoms and signs of ovulation and the temp reading seems to work well for most

    happy ttc and speak soon

    chic x
  • Hi Chic, sounds like we're in a similar situation! I'm 30 next year also but hubby will be 37 and as we want 2 or 3 we also have our skates on as he doesn't want to be an old dad. And thanks to everyone for suggestions, I'll have a look! xx
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