ovulation sticks

i know someone posted asking about ovulation sticks a few days ago, im considering using this for next month. just wanted a bit of advice about this, where would you advice i get them from, and also how do you use them? thanks ladies image xx


  • G/c from dia.

    Hi hun i just went on google and bought cheap ones. If you know the length of you cycle then i would start using them about 18 days before next af is due. I always checked for ewcm then started using them.
    If the test line comes up darker or just as dark then its positive and start bd'ing.
    What is your cylce length???
  • hiya i got mine off ebay, havent had a + yet tho image


    u just pee on them everyday from cd8ish at about midday/eveing time, try not to drink much in the 2 hours b4 u test so its not too weak, and as lea says, a + is when the line is as dark as or darker then the control line, when u get a + bd image good luck!
  • thanks ladies, my cycles are a bit crazy, the last two cycles i had were 3 weeks apart, then before that it was 5 weeks, im 2 days late at the moment, but i have a feeling af is on its way, so thought ovulation sticks would help me see when i ovulate xx
  • yeah sounds like a good plan to me soap! *soap is such a random name btw lol

  • they helped me loads as i knew when to expect AF and how long my LP was, i also got mine from ebay x
  • Im in the same boat hun. Af is 5 days late and I know im not preg. I have got opks to start using next month and just wish af would hurry up so I can get on with it.

    Good luck xxx
  • thanks image yup i know im not pregnant this time, even though i would love to be lol, but really want my af to arrive so i can move on to next month, maybe its a good thing that im not pregnant this month cos my 2nd son's birthday is in march lol, imagine double birthdays in march eek lol. so fingers crossed for next month. mrs me, lol its my nickname cos some people call me soph, and one person accidentally sed soap and the name has stuck since then lol :P xxx
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