CD1 Question?

Hi everyone, just a quick question. My cycle for the last few months has been 27 days, however this month i only had some spotting on day 27, full AF day 28. So is CD1 day of AF or day before when i was spotting. Day 27 i had all the usual symptoms but only a little spotting.


  • Hi,
    I read that CD1 is the 1st day with full AF, or to quote "The first day you see Red Blood".
    Hope this helps xx
  • Hi,

    I read that CD1 is the first proper day of bleeding, or to quote "The fir5st day you see Red Blood". I would take that as spotting doesn't count.

    Hope this helps xx :\)
  • Hey,

    You start CD1 from the day you have a full flow or as dotty said, red blood. I made the mistake of doing it when i was spotting but i had to reset it!!! If you didn't get red blood until the night time then start CD1 the next day. If you got it in the morning then start it from then.

    Hope that makes sense xx
  • Thanks tink. My last AF arrived about 7pm do i count that as CD1 or from the next day?

    Sorry to be a pain, thought i had this sorted!!!
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