Has anyone had a bfp with a poundland test?

Just curious on this one - I haven't and was wondering if there was a reason why they are so cheap. In fact that is what makes the bfn more palatable x


  • i think tests are all the same weather ther a pound or ten pund x
  • UMMMM I tested at about 6 weeks pregnant with the poundland tests (3 in a pack). all 3 were negative. i tested again at 7 1/2 weeks with first reponse and sainsburys tests and they were positive (sadly i miscarried at 12 weeks, 4 weeks ago). i reckon the poundland ones are naff.
  • Sorry but do have to disagree with that one. First Response are awful as are Asda! x
    Never any joy with the 1st ones even though I was x
  • But you're getting a line MrsRich and evap lines don't normally appear to much much later xx
    Sorry to hear about the mc bexyh x
  • I regularly used the ones from poundland always very accurate for me x
  • had a + on poundland test early on(14dpo i think, although knew was + from cbd).
    I personall used to hate asda ones(dodgy smeary tests with not enough dye or false +)
    first response never showed + for me(and was a double pack 2 days after bfp with cbd)
    initially hated cbd because the blunt NOT PREGNANT was worse than only 1 line.
    sainsburys also smeared and they reacalled quite a rew batches of those.
    Any q's about pg tests feel free to ask the POAS queen have prob tried them all at some point!!
    Filo x
  • Ohhh... nowI can't blame the tests for the bfn image - only joking the biggest problem I think is that they say "you can get a result from 4 days before" but they don't say thet your hcg level could be really low - so forget it until much later by which point you have no hair and all sanity has left the building!
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