Cycle days after miscarriage??

Hi ladies, I'm hoping to get straight back into ttc when my horrible mc is over. The bleedings starting to slow down quite a lot now so I'm hoping its coming to an end, but I'm not sure when cd1 is/was? What do I count as cd1? Or when am I likely to ovulate?

Any help would be appreciated because I'm hoping to catch the fertile period between mc and af image


  • Hi there, my cycle is still all over the place since my MC in Feb. They tell you to expect first AF 4-6 weeks after your MC. I used OV tests when I stopped bleeding and when you get a positive you should expect AF 2 weeks later, you will know when to be BD also before your first AF that way. Hope that helps x
  • They say you count CD 1 from the day your mc started. So I would say the first day of heavy bleeding. I would just start BD as soon as the bleeding stops and carry on every other day for the nxt 4 weeks. Or you could get some OPK's to help you hun. Good luck and hope AF stays away x x x x
  • Hi Lady I mc's last month very early, about 3-4 days after AF was due and so it only threw off my ov by a couple of days so instead of getting +ve ov on cd12 or 13 I got my +ve opk on cd 15 and we did actually conceive. I just got my BFP today - so it can happen hun. I have my fingers crossed for you.
  • BOB congratulations hun!!! Really hoping this little beanie is a sticky one hun, Keeping everything crossed for you x x x x
  • hi lady how you doing chick? after my m/c i had my first cycle 4wks later and my second was after 32 days, so hoping im back to normal now hopefully you will be too very soon!! hope your feeling better soon good luck xx
  • Hey Hun,

    I normally ovulate really early in my cycle- I counted my mc as cycle day 1 (the day with the heaviest bleeding) and I ovulated on cycle day 17. I had pains and a little EWCM so I guessed I was ovulating. I always have a LP of 15 days which was the same as I started af exactly 15 days after I thought I ovulated. So, I was lucky to have a normalish cycle. I wasn't lucky enough to catch the eggy though :\(

    I was a confusing cycle in terms of CM-had a lot more than normal and had something similar to EWCM not long before af which made me confused! I'd get some opks hun as when you ovulate can be unpredictable after mc. Or as s'n's says-just bd everyday :lol:

  • Thanks for the advice ladies, heavy bleeding started last Tuesday so i'll count that as cd1 so i'm cd7 already image Bleedings very minimal now so can i bd tonight? or am i best waiting until it's stopped completely? It's only like brown discharge when i wipe now, nothing in the pad really (sorry tmi)! I know i probably can't conceive tonight but it's been so long... lol!

    Hi caz3006, i'm doing a bit better now thanks. I'm so eager to be pregnant again! I can't bear walking around asda etc as all the clothes i cooed over before make me sad now. I just want another baby that i can make those lovely plans for again. Although my next baby will always be a little brother/sister! How are you doing now hun?

    Sorry BOB i've just asked about your cycle on your BFP post an now i notice you've answered here. Very big congratulations on your BFP! It's fantastic news and i really hope it's the sticky bean you deserve!!

  • hi im ok thanks, things do get easier it just takes time, i know what you mean i really wanna be pregnant too just waiting n waiting at the moment im off to asda now im thinking of getting some ovulating test strips!!!
    i think we are about the same time too im on cd 8 so fingers crossed for both of us, are you back at work or still taking it easy?
  • Oh yay, cycle buddies aswel! I really hope we can get our bfp's straight away :\)

    I'm back at work this week, i couldn't afford not to really. Plus OH has gone back so i would have been on my own at home which i thought might make me worse. I had a good cry again last night because OH was working away and i felt abit sorry for myself. I find when people ask me how i am i constantly have to tell them i'm ok when i'm not really. I'm still upset but just feeling better than last week really. It's not something that i'm going to snap out of. I think it's something you learn to live with rather than get over really.

    I'm finding the worse bit is seen babies everywhere. I never noticed before how many there are! I saw a lady in asda cafe feeding her baby earlier and i felt really sad then. I find it tends to come and go throughout the day!

    Apparently your body can send out mixed signals after a mc so i've not bothered using my fertility monitor this month, just going to bd every other day! I switched on my cbfm today and it said cd36 because i hadn't reset it from the day i got my bfp. I had a little cry over that too lol!

    I really hope to see you over in the due in feb forum by the end of the month!
  • yeah your bang on about learning to live with i dont think we will ever get over it but hopefully we will be chatting in dif!!!

    i think getting back to normal does help to take your mind off it sometimes, i tried to keep everything normal for my son cos i didnt want to get upset in front of him he is a little mummy's boy and would not have liked to see me upset, as for babies everywhere tell me about it every where i look theres a baby or pregnant woman, oh well hopefully it will be us soon enough,

    take care chick spk soon xx
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