Im so excited

hehe I dont know what is up with me Im so excited about this month,
Is month 7 lucky? Is anyone else feeling like this?

fiona x x x :lol:
sorry im so strange :roll:


  • It;s not odd at all sometimes you just get a funny feeling eh? and if you are feeling all happy and positive then this might be the month babeimage

    I will keep everything crossed for you when you OV?

    K xx
  • Have no idea when I ov my cycles have been 31, 43, 33, 25, 41 days long so is it half way or 2 wks before af arrived? At the mo my cm is clear and wet so should I wait to see if it is ewcm then i know im ov? Im on cd11 today and been taking epo and dont know when to stop. Im just so happy oh is finally on the same page as me xxxxxxxxx
  • I have been told it's around 14 days from the first day of your period, so when was your last AF???

    I also think your cm has to be wet clear and stringy so if it is like that i would say you are OV honey. To be on the same side i would justbd every other day that is what i am doing hee hee

  • You roughly ov 14 days before next af so can be difficult to work out when it is. just keep bd every other day and you should hit the right time whenever it is!!!
    Good luck
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