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project 'valentine baby'

Well, I am out of the running this month due to a monster AF after my MC, and as the title suggests, I am going to try for a valentine baby.

I have calculated that i will OV between 12 and 15 Feb. Fingers crossed as i want my baby for christmas image

who's with me?!


  • I will be with you, just started spotting now so af will be in full force tomorrow so will prob ov around valentines!!!

    I have wrote my list to father christmas already and I would like an early christmas pressie!!!
  • Hi Lisa Leigh,

    Im with you - im due to ov on the 13th - yes after much confusion over where AF was she announced herself with full force at 3am this morning of all times. Im glad I know where I am and am full of PMA and ready to get jiggy for a valentines Bub image

    When will you be due to test? I will be due on the 25th Feb if AF is playing ball this month of course

    Baby dust to you all


  • i think that the more the merrier image

    i have already told OH not to bother with any valentine present-he can make me a gift of a baby. oh the pressure image
  • Oh my Af is also due on the 14th!! What an amazing valentines day that would be if she doesn't show up xx
  • I am due to ovulate on the 23rd which is three days after we move house so will have to celebrate Valentines (and my 1st wedding anniversary) that wkend with lots of bding!!! Although still waiting for this months AF due tomorrow - lets hope it does not show.
  • Im due to ovulate between the 8th feb and 12th so near enough!! Fingers crossed xxx
  • God the only thing you girls need to put more pressure on the hubby is a golf commentator in the bedroom. Can you imagine ????nd now he is ready for the dismount, we have been waiting for this since last cycle' roflmao. Sorry I have wierd visual pictures and thats the one this thread gave me.
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