Why am I sitting here crying?

Wondering if I've left it too late.. From yesterdays "symptoms" to nothing tonight!

Perhaps watching one born every minute didn't help...?

I just want my bean ;0(


  • Keep your chin up hun, I know it's hard.
    Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust to you.

  • awww dont cry babe, ur bean will come soon enough, and all of this will just be a distant memory, its hard now, but trust me it will all be worth it image xxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies - feeling a little more positive today - I guess the enormity of it all just got to me a little last night... have given myself a good talking to this morning and am trying to have a little more PMA!


  • Pleased you sound a lot more positive this morning. Yep PMA is a good plan xx



  • Thanks - that's today's plan anyway LOL !!

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