What is the best early PG test?

I was just wondering what test people have found to give the best results when testing early. I want to test tomorrow morning as I just can't wait any longer! I will be 11-13 days PO ( not 100% sure) and 3 days before AF is due.

I am totally prepared from a negative but I just "feel" different. I know how easy it is to let your body to convince you which is why I just wanna get it out the way! If BFN then I'll wait until AF is late - if I can bear it!!

So I have a CBD, a FRER and a superdrug early test and was wondering which of these to do? What do you girlies think?!



  • asda own says 4 days before your period is due!
    i used one of these when i got my BFP with dd it came up straight away

    good luck xxxxx
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