Hey I'm New!!!:-)

Hey Ladies,

I'm new just joined BE tonight- thought id say a BIG hello! image I've hopped over from YAYW, can't believe i've only just found this site!! Got married in April 09, TTC since Sept 09 image still waiting for a big juicy BFP!!!
Had a horrible time of it in 2007 as had a MC at 11+3 so am full of concerns and worries but hoping this year will bring us a bouncing bundle of joy!!! (pleassssseeeee!)

We left it a while after the MC mainly due to us being soooooo devastated and just not coping so well,and then we had our wedding to plan so i kinda threw myself into that to keep me busy. And my lovely hubby (fiance at the time) bought me a gorgeous little puppy to help cheer me up. I can honeslty say ( although i know its no comparison to a baby) getting a puppy really was the breakthrough for us, i think the MC just left a huge void and i had all this love to give but nothing to nurture??Makes any sense??hmmmm- anyways be rest assured my little puppy who is 2 now is very spoilt! and very loved!!!

So here we are TTC part 2 hoping this time round we are more successful, currently waiting for AF to arrive, the witch is due today, nothing yet but i know shes there!!!image

Anyways thats me- (sorry to go on and on!!)
Fingers crossed for all those BFPs!!
Babydust to all


  • hia welcome its lovely here the ladies are so nice if you have a problem and need advise this is the place some one alwasys answers any problems you may have or if your having a bad time . sorry to here about your mc hope you get your bfp soon.xxx
  • Hey chick! Welcome to BE! Sorry to hear about your mc-its such a terrible time to go through. Lots of luck for your second ttc time! Hope you get that bfp very soon! P.s-i know what you mean about the puppy! xDx
  • Hi and welcome to BE, sorry to hear of your loss hun.
    Hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hello and welcome,
    Sorry to hear about your mc I hope you don't have to wait too long for your BFP xxx
  • Hello hun its lovely here you will love it, hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi and welcome, I'm here after a stillbirth and a mc so i know how anxious you'll be feeling!! Good luck with ttc and looking forward to getting to know you xx
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