Sorry if this ends up being a rant but i was so annoyed last night i did shed 2 silent tears!

I didnt think I would feel like this, especially on month 1 ttc. I admit, I didnt really udnerstand peoples emotional feelings on here before I started ttc this month. I do now...

Well according to dates yestderday I should ahve ovulated. I went to bed and usually my hubby is up for UPS, end of 09 I would insist on using contraception when I was ovulating as I wasnt ready to be pg. A few weeks ago we were chatting and he said he didnt mind when I had another baby it was up to me as I was the one carrying it etcm so I said after Jan AF as he wasnt keen on a sept/aug baby as he knows how it annoyed his sibligns.

So last night he joked maybe iu dont like performing udner pressure, hes never in the past said no to ups! I should be ovulating so I would prefer we did it tonight. His reply was do you ahve to fall pergnant this month! I said I could try the enxt two months but I said you dont want a dec baby if you can help it as he hates having his birthday so close to Christmas. He said what about a baby next year. I explained to him that just because I fell quickly with our daughter doesnt mean it will happen quickly this time. I also said that would prefer to have one before she turns 3 (may 2011). He said if you have them all close together you'd end up having 10. I explained that I like being close to my sibligns in age and if we were to have anymore, I would probably want a gap between 2 and 3. Grrrrr....

When we got married we agreed if one wanted sex then the other should agree regardless of headaches etc, this was husbands suggestion. Now Im not sure what to think. We didnt have BD as my daughter woke up and she wouldnt settle so my husband gave in and he had her asleep with him in our bed. More chill out this morning, I believe it will happen when the time is right. But still, it really bugged me though! If be BD the next few days, are my chances stuffed for this month if we havent BD day before and day of ovulation if cycle is 28days?

Now Im abit peeved. I understand that he doesnt want to feel like baby machine but we only BD on sat and sun. ITs usually only w/es and sometimes during teh week. He usually winges that he doesnt get it much. Im tempted to write a note and tell him the above and how before he didnt mind when the next baby comes and now hes questioning it. Leaving it on his latop for him to see when he comes home.

Rant over...


  • Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah chill out hun!
    I must admit I'm a little image at you both agreeing to have sex whether you want it or not or did I read that wrong???

    I am same with wanting it NOW and DH having Dec birthday doesn't want a baby Nov-Jan :\(

    Can I just console you tho that if you BD at weekend and are ov now you still have good chance. I was preg last year (mc at Xmas) and was same as you - we BD days 6, 8 and 10 and I ov day 11 and was crying because DH wasn't up for it and I thought we'd miss our chance... so keep positive nad maybe he will feel more like it tonight eh?
    Baby dust ...

    Oh and in terms of age gaps - we have big gaps (DD1 is 15 and DD2 6) and it has worked out really well too so don't worry!
  • Aw honey, dont be down, i know its horrible.

    I said exactly the same thing when i started. Its rotten istn it?

    x x x

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  • Hi hun

    g/c coz i just wanted to quickly correct something that Homefairy said - you dont ovulate for 4/5 days, Your egg only survives for 24hrs.... BUT sperm can live for 3-5 days in the right environment so that's why still in with a chance if you BD Sunday and ovulate Tuesday, so all is not lost!

    Good luck!
  • Oh sorry, i honestly thought that it was ok cos of the peaks and then high on cbfm! Hmmm i need to read up more (and i already think i spend too much time reading baby this an excuse?!!)

    Well,i do want to say sorry, but i still think you should be ok. All i wanted to say was that i hope you are ok, and that sometimes things seem bigger than they really are.

    lots of sticky baby dust!!

    x x x

    I had to edit because of terrible spelling!!!eeek

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  • Thanks broody, thats what I thought, the egg only last 24hrs.
    Ah well, if its meant to happen it wil. I will still try and BD over teh next few days as when I fell with my daughter I was having a 32 cycle every other month.

    Was just a bit annoyed about no BD on ovulation day and hubbys sudden change of mind, which I will talk to him about later.

    seraphina, no you did read it correctly. At first I wasnt sure at first but I dont mind as it works both ways. Find that your more likely to want it when you ahve it regualrly rather than once a week. In fact I had a higher sex drive when I was pg so I was glad I agreed to it! Its also what made my waters break and started labour for my daughter!

    feeling better as the days gone on, just had a moment last night....
  • no worries homefairy, I think like you say at the time I was probably thinking it was a lot worse than it is. Also was quite up for UPS :P

    Oh and Ive just read my 1st post and realised my spelling mistakes. Typing fast isnt always a good thing!
  • It was the other round for us last night lol. Hubby was keen to BD but I was soooo tired even tho it is close to OV, I just wanted to sleep!

    Hopefully you will still catch it this month, fingers crossed for you. xxx
  • Not sure if this will make you feel better or worse... I'm obsessed as had mc at Xmas and as I had been charting know exactly when we BD when we fell preg so have this thing about doing same again :roll: I was knackered last night and told DH he had to wake me up when he came to bed and said (I am so ashamed) if you don't and I don't get BFP I will blame you... :\( I did follow up with if he woke me and we got BFN it wouldn't be his fault PML
    What will be blah blah yeah not so easy when you have the patience of a toddler is it!!!
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