Hi ladies,

I was just wondering when this arrives is at as you ovulate or just before you ovulate. I have had this for the past 4 days more so than before (sorry for TMI) i have BD every other day as was unsure whether it was as you OV or before.




  • Im only speaking from my own experiences here, but generally i get it a few days before, then it eases off a bit, and then comes back again as I ovulate. If you have been BDing every other day though I would say you should be covered-good luck!xx
  • Hey hun,

    I also tend to get t for a couple of days before OV and then sometimes again the day I actually OV - I think everyone is slightly different though! Like Tooty Fruity says, if you are BDing every other day you are covered anyway so should be all good!! Good luck : ) .x.
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