anyone due to test this weekend?

i will no this weekend if PG or not,anyone else?


  • Not due to test till Thursday/Friday (if I can wait that long !!). The last couple of weekends have been great for BFP's so i hope this one is too. hope you get your BFP xx
  • good luck! oh so do i, i really dont no. i have soreish boobs,belly pains,but could be AF,hope not! this is my first month TTC,but fingers crossed!
  • im due to test saturday but think ill do one friday moring lol i cant wait, i had spotting for 2 days so hoping this is a gd sign of implantion bleeding x
  • AF is hopefully not coming on monday,however i have first reasponse at home so im trying to resist testing early,maybe i dont want to no! to scared if its BFN.
  • I'm due to test tuesday but cycle betwwen 23 and 28 days and day 23 tomorrow, very tempted to test saturday. Feel sick this morning but that may be because I'm back at work today!!!
  • AF due Sunday (though done two cheapy boots tests already which were BFN - can't make my mind up whether to go get first response one

    How come the days go so slowly when you're waiting to test!

    M x
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