well im now on cd30

im driving myself insane with sympton spotting!
i have achey legs
leaky boobs ( not sore tho)
feeling sick in the morning
my hubby smells ( if u know what i mean )
i have a rash on my ankle ( last had it when preg with belle)
think in a way im just wishing i am pregnant
think i might wait till saturday/sunday till i test tho x


  • leaky boobs?? oooo that sounds great! well not great but u no lol. symptoms wise great lol. good luck for the weekend! xxx
  • i only just started getting my cycle back since coming off the pill in january, started af's again in April and they go between 28-35 days xx if i do it as a 35 day cycle i should get af on friday the 16th i think x
    i just worry that im wishing it so its happening xxxx
    baby dust to u all xxxx
  • fingers crossed hun.xx
  • If it was me I think I'd test but I have ZERO will power! It does sound promising but wait as long as you can huni!
    Fingers well and truely crossed for you xx
  • i keep looking at the tests but i know i shouldnt do it yet lol xxxxx
    cheers ladies xxxxx
  • All sounds very promising hun, good luck to you xxxxxx
  • All sounds very promising hun, good luck to you xxxxxx
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