Does anyone want unopened CBFM box test strips ?


Ive been going through my bathroom stuff (part of my nesting thing currently 5 days overdue) anyway I have an unopened box of Clear Blue Fertility test stricks. I only used the monitor once before this pregnancy and have a box unopened. I think they cost ??20 so would be a waste to throw away but I wont be using them before they expire (10 2010).

Does anyone want them? I dont want any money or anything Ill just put them in the post.

Inka xxx


  • Hi Inka

    If no one else has got back to you I would love them. I'm happy to pay you though. Do you have email, I can send you my address?

    Thanks and good luck for the new arrival.

  • Hi Emma,

    Anyway I can give you my e-mail without me posting it on this post (dont want junk e-mail etc).

    Honestly dont want any money but thanks for offer

    Inka xxx
  • Hi Inka

    Good point. Does anyone know a way of giving your email address without putting it on a post? I'm not too sure.
  • Hi Emma and Inka,

    If you go to the 'my preferences' link in the pink box on the left of the page, there's an option there to allow members of the site to email you.
    I think it puts an 'email' button on the end of your posts (if I've done it correctly there should be one on my post here!).

    You can use this to email without having to publish your email on the forum. Hope this works! xx
  • Yayyyy I did it correctly!! Can you see the 'email' button at the bottom of my post - that's what you click on after the other person has allowed it in their 'my preferences'. x
  • Thanks so much Mrs Robertson. I have done the same thing Inka so you should be able to email me now. Thanks, Emma
  • HI Emma,

    Sent you an e-mail hopefully works!

    Inka xxx
  • P.s Thanks Mrs Robinson for your help x

    Inka xxx

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