Hi everyone, here's an update...
Went to see my gp and told him all about ttc since march and that my cycle seems to be all over the place, has been 22 days but then only 16 this month.
He said he wants me to have blood tests done at day 21 to see if I am ovulating or not. If not he said clomophine might be an option to stimulate my ovaries. On the other hand he said things might be working fine and that my cycle might just need regulating.
Has anyone else had 21 day bloods? Just wondered what is it they are looking for, what should be happenin at day 21???
Am pleased in a way that somethin is being done and that I will know what is going on with my body, but just feel fed up, I so desperately want a BFP and I hate that my stupid body isn't doing what it should be. xxx


  • hi
    i had this done
    i think its to test your progesterone which will tell them if ovulation has taken place. i think your levels will increase if ovulation has happened.
  • Yeah I just had this done on the 8th July - it is to test the level of progesterone. Mine came back as 11units, they said that if the levels are above 20 then it is very likely that u hav ovulated - but what they dont tell you is that the levels vary throughout the day - eg the level can drop after a meal or later in the day.......
    The best time of day tp get an accurate result is first thing in the morning fasting (dont have any breakfast beforehand), I have worked in a pathology lab before - so curiosity took over and I read up on it.
    The lab reference ranges are between 6 and 30 units (above 30 is definative), so if youre levels are between these values there is a chance you hav ovulated (obv the higher the better the chance)

    But like I said if you go get the blood taken first thing in morning on no breakfast you are going to get the best result as if you have ovulated the levels will be nice and high!!

    Hope this helps xx
  • Thanks for the info. I have my apt booked for 9.30 am on 28th july so fingers crossed. Although I am off to euro disney that evening so that may take my mind of waiting for results. Do you know how long the wait for results will be?
    It seems your levels were quite low, what are they going to do for you next??
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