Can EWCM be a sign for a BFP!!! ???? UPDATE!!

I am 12DPO and i have had EWCM on and off for a few days now i have never had EWCM only around OV??

Has anybody else had this?? :\? :\?

Any help would be great!!! image :lol: image :lol: image


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  • sorry MJ- not to sure- I think I have read that alot of girls that got their bfp's did have increased cm? not sure about excm though-- either way- good luck to you!!!!
  • i had increased CM before my BFP, its certainly sounding promising! x
  • Not sure but GOOD LUCK and i hope it is xxxx

    gems x
  • I get EWCM a week after OV without fail but not had a BFP yet. Fingers crossed that it means you will have a BFP tho xx
  • I believe increased CM does happen after getting a BFP but it's not EWCM, more a creamy CM. Any chance you could be OV'ing late? Just wouldn't want you to be missing out, in case it's a possibility xx
  • Thanks for the help ladies i have searched it and lots of sites doe say it can be a symtom so getting a bit of PMA back!!!! image image image

    I really hope this is my month!!!

    was day dreaming that i was preg my EDD would be 8th August my DS birthdy is the 17th August be nice haveing them so close together!!
  • hey lawso thats for the reply yeah it was more creamy but i dint really no how to expain it LOL

    I am defo not OV i am Very regular i ov on the 18th and i always have 14 day LP so am due AF on weds!!!!!!

    just hope this month has worked and i dont go onto month 7!! image image
  • Everything crossed that its a good sign for you.
  • I did't notice mine much before bfp but I get creamy cm every day now.

    Sounding good!

  • Yes! This is a sign! I got this starting12 dpo when we conceived our bundle of joy last year. Thought it was a sign I was ov'ing again so we bd just in case but it turned out it was cos we had already gone and done it!

    Sounds positive for you. Good luck and keep us posted x
  • Hi ladies well i think you might have been right i have just got a V V V faint line on a cheapy test to am testing again tomo hope for a stronger line!!

    Trying not to get my hopes up tho :lol: image :lol: image
  • Brill news hun! A line is a line! Woo hoo xxx
  • Congrats hun, give tomorrow or the day after and see what happens then, as Becky_Lou just said a line is a line!!!! Well done xx
  • Hello ladies. I am new to the thread and just was seeking some insight on what you gals think may be going on. I started Af on Sep 6 and it was my regular 5 day bleed. It seemed like immediately after that i started to OV...weird right? And bcuz my cycle has been acting quite weird (wicked) im not sure what day i OV on but I had sex almost every other day for week or more. So exactly 9 or 10 dpo later I began spotting. From just pink tinged mucus to brown blood back to nothing. Then the next day same thing. So after 4 days of STILL spotting off and on I took HPT and BFN that was on 13dpo so i figured period might come soon behind this but it never did. Now after the spotting stopped. I have major EWCM but a little more thick. Im confused? Thats 11 daya of spotting. And now OV?Should I retest or should I get checked for cervical cancer? 

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