Hi All

Not sure if this questions has already been asked or not but really curious.
Have any of you experienced Implantation Pain? I am experienceing a sharp stabbing pain in the lower left hand side of my belly (in line with my hip.) and it is bareable but every now and again it is agony for like 5 minutes then goes away again.



  • how many DPO are you? as far as ive read it is quite common image xxx
  • how many DPO are you? as far as ive read it is quite common image xxx
  • 7 DPO. its really weird. i never feel like this and it comes in short sharp bursts!
  • 7DPO is normally wen people have implation/implantation bleed so looking good hun! how long have u been ttc? xxxxxxx
  • Yeah I agree, sounds like implantation.

    Lots of luck xx
  • I had implantion pains at 7DPO with DD (no bleed though). The pains were off and on for about half a day (worse in the evening). I found they are similar to ov pains if you get those.
  • thanks ladies. Well thing is we been ttc since November but the other day decided that coz OH is going away with army for 6 months this weekend that we would put it on hold until he gets back.
    if this is implantation, when should i be able to do a test?? i am soo excited but do not want to get my hopes up just in case it is something else. xx
  • lol bless ya! i would sooo be the same! i would say leave it a few more days if u can! until about 12DPO? if u can last that long tho!? x
  • well OH leaves on Saturday and would love to be able to tell him before he leaves but then that will leave me to tell his parents and mine!! My heart is pounding i am that excited need to calm myself down otherwise i'll get really down if its not!!! xx
  • awww hun! lol, caaaaalm image how about u test on fri or sat morning? i have seen girls on here get true BFPs about 10DPO, so that wouldnt be too bad?/ and only 3-4 days away? x
  • thanks *me* yeah i think i might do it Friday then he has a full day being overly nice to me before he goes lol. I just need to think of something else so i dont go all loopy!! xx
  • Hi hun i had implantation pains. It felt like a stitch/pulling pain in the left side of my uterus, it was at 6dpo and it was really sharp, like an ouch what the hell was that type of pain lol. ooohhh gl xx
  • Hi charlie, I had sharp pulling/stabbing pains yesterday on and off and quite a lot last night but it's stopped now...i'm 6DPO, here's hoping it's implantation pains! xo
  • well no pains ata ll today. but my PMA has gone out of the window. i dont know why.
    i live on an army estate and i swear everytime i go outside there is a pregnant woman there!! but keeping everything crossed until weekend to do test. xx
  • Good luck charlie, I really hope it is a good sign. Keep your PMA. Good luck to your OH, hope tour goes well and 7 months flies by for you both xxx
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