hello - i'm finally back x

hi ladies,

i'm finally back on line - yay!

so who's still here that i know and who's are the newbies?

can't wait to catch up and say hi to everyone.

so how is everyone????


  • Hello, I am Charlotte! I joined a month ago and I am very addicted to ttc!! image xXx
  • you'll soon be addicted to this sit to lol - that's if you're not already!



  • Hi Princess!

    I am a newbie, waited 8 weeks for first AF after coming off the pill, now on CD12 of first proper cycle ttc our first.

    So what stage are you at? :\)
  • Hi princess85, i joined up about three weeks ago and am v addicted to the site. xx
  • welcome both x

    magpie - i'm on cd12 too - but i stopped pill in May 08, started ttc end of oct 08 / beginning nov 08.

    at first i think OH felt under pressure so we decided that i wouldn't tell him when the right time was - we would just BD LOL - but then wen no +ve's appeared - he decided he wanted to know wen a 'good time' was - but then i got poorly so i think that affected things. i suppose out of 12 months - we've only really 'tried' for 2 but still no little one.

    I had a doctors appointment in Aug - i wasn't pg but OH was convinced that in 5 months time - i would be! the 5 month mark will be 7th Jan 10 - so if i don't see those 2 lines by then or not too long after then - i will be at the docs with OH!

    mrslolly - we got our new router today after the last one broke - OH hasn't got a look in on the laptop yet - not sure he'll be too happy.


  • Ah well fingers crossed that the only reason you haven't got your BFP is because you wern't 'properly' trying for most of the 12 months. And let's hope your OH has some psychic abilities!! :lol:
  • he's in trouble if not LOL
    everytime i've sad when af shows since that docs appointment he tells me not to be bcuz he's sure he is right but i'm not sure what his plan is if he's wrong!

  • Ah bless! If he is wrong I would suggest some serious making it up to you would be needed!! Something new and expensive I'm thinking! Really hope that won't be needed and he's right though!
  • LMAO

    if he's wrong then he'll be marched to the docs - i want answers.

    i never realised how bad we wanted this - it's like everything that is going on right now just points to the fact that now wud b prefect for a bfp!

  • Hi princess, I am fairly new, been on here a little while since getting married in August and becoming uber - broody xxx
  • thats the other thing - OH proposed on xmas day last yr - it only took him 7 yrs to get to that stage but almost a yr on and i can't wait to get married.

  • Hi princess85, congrats on your engagement and whens the big day??

    I am new to ttc but not to the website as was on PAB for 5 months. I am in the 2ww but havent done the SMEP this month as hubby decided we could start trying officially earlier than planned.

    Am due to test 21st Dec, good luck xx
  • no date yet - it costs so much and we have no desire to max out credit cards - want to just b able to pay for the lot!

    i've spent 6 yrs lookin for a wedding dress - to date i have found '0' that i actually love! i think i need to start properley looking - i want to go to the wedding show at the nec in March - maybe that will push things along!

    don't mean to be ignorant - what's PAB?

  • planning a baby hun x
  • planning a baby hun x
  • hello and welcome, I'm newbie to ttc as well

    Christmas baby dust wishes to all
  • Hi Hi, I've only been here about a month, trying out the SMEP too, only on day 5 at the mo - oh well lts of bd'ing to look forward to! lol! Hope your H2B is right! xxx
  • i feel a little silly now!!!

    i have no idea how to plan for a lo

    any useful info

  • mother1 - WELCOME & GOOD LUCK

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