heart shape uterus????

well ive been ttc for over 2 years since having our son! i had a dnc after having oiur son as there was a bit of after birth left inside me! i later had a scan and that reveild i had a heart shaped uterus! im just wandering if nayone knows wether this would cause infertilty or not?! so confusedx


  • has no one on here got one??x
  • my SIL has a heart shaped womb but she didnt find this out until she had a pregnancy scan so no it doesnt cause infertility. all i know is that she had extra scans to keep an eye on baby growth cause her head was in one of the bumps so didnt have as much room as a normal shaped womb! hope this helps huni and dont worry. chloe was born just perfect xx
  • ive got a 3 year old son i had trouble throughout the pregnancy but they never found out about the heart shape until i had a scan after having him! and now weve bin trying for nearly 3 years very cobfusin! ive just had my infeertilty appt now thats fri so guess i will get some answers thanx for replying hun x
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