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chart stalkers please help

Does your temperature change dramatically each month:

My temps are very low this month after ovulation.


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  • Hi hun, havnt a clue as i dont temp but wanted to say hi cause i havnt seen you in a while. how is ttc going? when are you due to test? xxx
  • im good, having a very chilled out month this month, i think i have realised that i have no control over it that it will happen when mother nature decides its right.

    Im pleased though as i ovulated on cd15 again the same as last month, so hopefully my cycles are settling (they became a bit strange when we started ttc, which is strange as i have not been on the pill).

    AF is due in 7 days and am going up to stay with hubby at work next wednesday for 5 days - will be nice to see hime and break up the two weeks he is away.

    How are you?

  • Im great, also taking things very easy this month and just bding every other day from cd7, im on cd31 today so sick of it! LOL I ov this morning and after bding hub by this evening as im working tonight i am looking forward to a sex free few days! LOL
    BFPs all round this month i hope! xxx
  • Hubby and i took it very easy, well af was here when he first came back from work and then we bd when he was back then he left on tuesday so i got a reprieve from too much bd! lol.

    Its about time there were some bfp's as it feels like a while since we had a wee run of them. Think thats why there is a lack of PMA on here.

  • i agree, it seems to only be newbies who have got BFPs lately and its time for the oldies to get some too!!! LOL x
  • Crikey 2bsmart that is different! Could be implantation, have you had even a tiny speck of blood? Hopefully they'll start to rise in the next couple of days! x
  • no blood just creamy cm. Im a little confused perhaps i have a bug or something thats affecting my temps. Im not very hopeful this month but hey you never know. I guess only time will tell.
    I just wondered if temperatures could differ so much from month to month.


  • Have you tried looking through FF's chart gallery? Our chart stalker post may also be of some use. I would say that when post ov temps do look different it's normally because of a BFP.

    Would a bug make your temps drop? Come on 2bsmart - PMA! You ARE pregnant. Hopefully, you're temp will pick up again in the next couple of days.

  • im not getting my hopes up honey but thanks. I tell you the bloody 2ww sucks the pma right out of me.

  • Listen to Samiana - she's a white witch ! She totally predicted my BFP - and I'm sure it was partly down to her PMA (and DH's swimmers of course ! )
  • thanks i hope my temps pick up as im worried i didnt ovulate now.

  • Hi hun, sorry I have always been rubbish as interpreting charts and did not temp myself as I knew i'd get confused!! So cannot offer any help but just wanted to let you know I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Amy. x
  • Thanks amy, i think im giving up with the chart as its highly confusing.


  • I think your chart looks promising today, if it keeps going up I'd say you could be in for good news. PMA - you ARE pregnant!

    Oh and I'm not a witch really, just spend hours comparing charts :lol:

  • oh samiana i love your PMA, i think this month i am noting the sypmtoms on FF but ignoring them. I use FF as a way to discount any future symptoms which seems to be working as i can cross check things!
    Sad i know but i am really trying not to get myself set up for another fall after the last few months.
  • That's what I do and then I can remember exactly what AF symtoms I've had. I see you had another rise today, looking good lady!

    PMA, PMA, PMA!! x
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