Been hanging around on here for a few weeks now and gotten some great advice.

My and Oh are trying for a baby and we had (BD) during my ovulation days and also throughout the month and my AF is due 27th Feb but last nite started with a light spotting which has continued for most of today.
Over the last week I have had some sypmtoms such as more of an appetite, feeling sicky, enlarged sore boobs, lower back pain and me and the OH convinced ourselves that I was pregnat.
I did a CBD this morning and got a BFN...

Now I am feeling a bit in limbo as don't whether this could be just my AF showing up early or that it could be an implantation bleed...

Any advice you can give, I would be grateful as feeling really low and a bit in limbo at the moment.

Lou x


  • I think it could be either hon, which doesn't really help matters!

    CB aren't very reliable at picking up early hormones so might be best to test again using a FR or similar. It might be too early for the hcg hormone to be high enough to register yet - try and wait until 27th and if no af then test again with an FR.

    Good luck hon and I'll keep my fingers crossed for that BFP xx
  • Thanks for the advice hun, will test with a FR sunday if AF hasn't arrived...
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